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Olumati Isaiah – You Can Be A Gospel Artiste And Be Seductive

Olumati Isaiah - You Can Be A Gospel Artiste And Be Seductive

Olumati Isaiah – You Can Be A Gospel Artiste And Be Seductive

Few days ago, an online evangelist Victor Edet who has often trended on the social media space for the wrong reasons took to his Facebook platform to warn about the EXCESS LOVE & OBINASOM crooner housed by EeZee Conceptz Mercy Chinwo dress code and tagged her indecent and seductive. See his post on Facebook below;

Mercy Chinwo is indecent and seductive - evangelist Victor Edet

His post definitely went viral and landed on the desk of the Mirus Empire Principal, Olumati Isaiah. After a while the principal came up with a post tiled YOU CAN BE A GOSPEL ARTISTE AND BE SEDUCTIVE. On first ground of reading that topic you may disagree but following his write up extensively you will have no option than to agree.


Below is the write up the Mirus Empire Principal shared on his Facebook timeline.

Olumati Isaiah - You Can Be A Gospel Artiste And Be Seductive


I know the first line of this thought can literally get you out of your seat and for many who are of the Christian faith, arouse “holy anger” but take it easy, there is a method to my madness.

Yesterday, the social media space blew hot except for linknedIn where people have a very serious life pursuing professional connects. A certain Evangelist had taken to his social media page to call out a certain felmale gospel artiste for being seductive. Infact, what He sent out was a warning.

The post sparked up all kinds of reactions for and against. One of the most pointed out lines in that conversation was “You can’t be singing gospel songs and be seductive”. An idea I very well disagree with.

Before I go into the meat of my thoughts, I like us to, for the purpose of clarity examine the meaning of the word seductive. It is defined simply as “Tempting and attractive”.

More people all their lives have understood this word first from a sexual and errotic point of view hence have a skewed knowledge of its interpretation. This is why I do advocate from time to time that people learn to read for themselves to know the meaning of the words they use daily and how it is applied.

The Female gospel artiste who was attacked would pass for what I would like to describe as the poster girl for decency. She is always found well covered up with really long coverings be it in skirt of blouse, hence I was taken aback at the public harassment from the said Evangelist.

Like I always say, it is important we hear what is being said and what is not being said.

Being seductive is not first an effort driven attempt. It is first an unlooker perspective. What you consider seductive is considered irritating by another. Perspective!

Perspective is a function of several factors. Ignorance, ill education, experience, natural inclinatation and the list can go on. All of these have nothing to do with the object of seduction.

Truth be told, we are all desgined to appear seductive to somebody. You only need to meet with who is tickled by a part of you that drives that feeling.

This is how scripture puts it “every man is drawn to his own lust” – James 1:14.

If in your life time, nobody considers you seductive, attractive and sexy, you are an abnormally. Even Muslim women who wear the hijab covering everwhere still get the compliment of being seductive. How much more?

It is not your fault that anybody considers you seductive. You do not have a responsiblity to attempt to become less seductive. God gave you a selling point appreciate it and fly.

Our dear Evangelist has been drawn by His own lust or is living in deception.

I hate to say this but then. This is one reason why the Nigerian church has suffered more divorce and more women in bad marriages and a rise in infidelity even in the church. The old church taught people how to live in denial.

Men who loved big breast lied to themselves that the lady was seductive and they needed one who wasn’t. They went for their own deception, and down the line they are chasing after everything with a big front and making their wives miserable. The same with other attractions.

Every man and woman who has lived long enough can tell you that they have had that one person who all they needed was to see them and feel somehow. Sometimes as little as finger nails. I have been there. You want to blame them for your own unguardness?

One of the most sexy and seductive character in the bible was Sarah, wife of Abraham. It wasn’t about here dressing. Babe was on fleek. She was so hot that she enterted a city and straight up Mr President knew she was around. Baba had not seen her He has dressed bed.

Don’t tell me you can’t be a gospel singer and not be seductive.

You know how many girl are drooling everyday when a pastor is preaching? The girls feel seduced when the man is preaching his heart out and they drift into all kinds of imaginations. Do we tell him to become less than he is in his appearance?

If that female artiste is the pointer to the Evangelists description of seductive in her appearance and dressing, we must now see that the man of God is lost in his own lust and an outburst is his defence mechanism.

As a people and as a church, we must pray for the said Evangelist. Our prayer will be in three phases.

  1. Dear Lord, should this be a case of lust, deliver your son.
  2. Dear Lord should this be a case of ignorance, deliver Him.
  3. Should this be a case of denial. Help him come to terms with what rocks his boat so that He will not add to the list of people with failed marraiges based on appearance.

…..and let the church say a big Amen.

Do not forget it is your right at creation to be seductive to somebody in your life time.

Photo Credit: Sena

Muse: Mercy Chinwo


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