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Her Story by TGod Daflemspitha

Her Story by TGod Daflemspitha mp3 download.

In 2018, music artist TGod Daflemspitha released a project tagged Crossing The Rubicon which contains several song including Her Story.

Her Story is a spoken word piece which tells the story of the fall of man and the redemption of man from the fallen state using a young girl as an explanation to drive home the lessons of the story.

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She used to be a very pretty girl at the age of sixteen

Beautifully shaped and structured with a lot of potentials within

It’s like she puts time on pause whenever she walks the street cos every man stops to look at this sweet sixteen

Mehn she had the kind of beauty that cannot be described by my punchlines and metaphors

But when I say a woman is beautiful I believe you know what I mean so let me proceed

All of a sudden she started flirting around coming home late at night and thinking that she was actually having fun

Those that have the ability to see disaster coming from a distance even when they are still sitting on the ground told her there is fire on the mountain

But she never thought it wise to be on the run cos all the make ups on her face will cause her to sweat in the sun so

This time around Jesus Christ was no longer the lover of her life

She was always in church, full of activities always in church but she was not in Christ

You see we’ve heard so much about Jesus so we assume we know Jesus

But knowing God is not head knowledge, it’s an encounter and that was the travesty

Now look at her

Struggling with dreams that were broken on the altar of temporal pleasures

Now the only thing that appears to be a real treasure in her, is a little measure of faith that proliferates whenever she studies the scripture

But she was designed to be more than that

She was destined to be a queen in her teens

But at the age of sixteen she had 2 abortions

Now the misconception is that when you swallow that pill you become childless hehe

Abortion doesn’t make you childless, it only makes you the mother of a dead child or dead children pending on the number

Age is nothing but a number

Yesterday she awoke from her slumber

Rivers flow from her eyes whenever she remembers that all the babies in her womb are under the ground like the pipes of a plumber cos that’s what the doctor told her

Experience is not the best teacher my friends

Because experience would teach you lessons absolutely, definitely

But most times it won’t give you a chance to correct your mistakes

So in my opinion experience is like a pencil without and eraser

So be careful the story your life is writing because the world is reading

You can never be too careful so be careful

A single thing can make you to loose many things if not very thing

Adam loosed a whole garden for just a fruit

He loosed everything that he was given but it’s not too late for you though you can be forgiven

But they say to be forewarned is to be forearmed

So I pray this words would prevent you from being harmed

You may be the wife of a president tomorrow first lady, salute!

But how would you feel if the security man that opens the door to your car is the guy that slept with you while you were young in the name of love?

You see why virginity is dignity?

It is not lack of opportunity to experiment pleasure like your friends tell you

And just in case you’ve made mistake already and you’re now regretting

I got good news for ya

Come with me to a place where broken dreams are fixed

Come with me to that place where your past gets a new beginning

The name of that place is Christ

Come to Christ

If anyone be in Christ the old is past

And everything becomes new says the Holy Scripture that’s what it means to be born again

Come with me to Christ……

There’s a place for the broken hearted

Where shattered dreams are mended

Christ is that place

All things pass away

If you are in Christ you’re a new creation


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