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Music: Gawvi – Skull | [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Heathen album by Gawvi

Skull by Gawvi mp3 download and lyrics.

“SKULL” was teased in the album promotional video for read more »

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[Intro: GAWVI]

The GAWVI concert was amazing. Oh my gosh, obviously we wouldn’t of—what is that? Mosh pit, yeah, I got. She got, yo, we, I got kneed in the face, nah bro, I got elbowed on my skull

Woah, woah, huh

[Verse 1: GAWVI]

Timmy Cool on my back, I’ma fool

I’m a dog, I’m a beast, what we do

Many gon’ talk, many gon’ hate

Numbers don’t lie, I’m in all rage

Raisin’ my stock, demons I block

This is for God, I gotta, uh-uh-yeah

I got hope like a man on the stereo

Came up, Mama heard me on the radio

Came up on the rise I been drippin’ bro

Ain’t nobody taking over this my county bro, yeah, yeah

Fear of God to my feet, yeah, the armor complete

On a wave with my fleet, there’s a day we gon’ bleed

Yeah, I been on a switch

Try to cut my ranks

Fighting for the King

Yeah, I gotta pick up these bones (Yeah)

Thinkin’ they ready they not

I’m a Latino and strong (Yeah)


Huh, let it talk, let it talk, let it talk

[Break: Rhomar Jessy]

Long ago in Broward county, there was a name lad by the name of Gawvito, roaming around Commercial Boulevard, looking for the slap

[Verse 2]

Huh, yeah, I put the thing in a toaster

Yeah, I’ma do it I’m ‘posed to

She tryna run with a, hoo

She tryna run with a coaster

I got the cup in a holster

I take it out

Look in the cup and it’s Kosher

She tryna ruin my clique

I gotta double the switch

I got Nintendo rounds and I got it ready to hit

They try to play with my homies

Y’all do not want me to flip, yeah

Tables are turned at the party

I gotta place I can sit, yeah

We only answer to God

This is my verse of the song

And if you thought I forgot (Hoo)

I already fight you off

Yeah, let it talk, let it talk, let it talk


Naw bro, I got elbowed on my skull


Step up with that heat, break a skull, we gon’ bleed

Step up with that heat, break a skull, we gon’ bleed

Step up with that heat, break a skull, we gon’ bleed

Step up with that heat, who that boy, he a heathen

He a heathen

He a heathen

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