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Music: Emeka Egwim – Jesus The Way | [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Jesus the way by Emeka Egwim

Jesus the way by Emeka Egwim mp3 download.

Dear Non- Christian,

We are not saying you should stop wearing Hijab. You can receive Jesus and still wear your hijab if you want to. We are not asking you to join another religion. We just want to give you Jesus(life), nothing more nothing less. This is what our message is all about. Receive Jesus and you will have eternal life. We are not converting you, we are giving you life! We are not saying you should stop smoking weed. We are not saying you should stop stealing. We are not saying you should stop gossiping.


We are not saying you should stop drinking. We are not saying you should stop fornicating because we know you can’t STOP all these things by yourself. If you could, you would have stopped long time ago but you are struggling to stop them and you are not able to so you are frustrated and angry with yourself because you have confidence in your flesh. The arm of the flesh has failed you and as a result, you are in a bad shape right now. All what we are shouting about is for you to receive Jesus into your life; receive eternal life into your spirit! Jesus(grace) is the one who will give you the ability to stop these things if you depend on His ability and not yours.

He’s your ability! You cannot encounter grace and not be transformed. Nobody met Jesus and remained the same. The adulterous woman encountered grace(Jesus) and was transformed, Zacheus encountered Jesus and was transformed and did not desire to continue to hurt others. I encourage you to receive eternal life today and you will not perish! No one receives eternal life and perishes. When you try to change, you only become a clean unbeliever but when Jesus changes you, He makes you righteous!

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