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Music: DaBoomsha – No Chill | [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Nostalgia EP By DaBoomsha

No Chills from Nostalgia EP by DaBoomsha mp3 download.

From the highly anticipated Nostalgia EP from hip hop luminary, music lawyer and TV presenter DaBoomsha, here’s one of the tracks tagged No Chills

Download DaBoomsha – No Chill



Verse 1

I be jamming

at a show in VI

Not looking for love

Just handling my B. I

Tap on my shoulder

Its a gal pickini

Say she a fan of me, whoa

Shorty feeling me

Gal look nice from from her head to her pretty toes

Fresh and clean

Like she step outta a video

I man dress back

Tryna keep it cool

Aint tryna front

Act stereotypical

Next thing i knew

She placed her head on my chest

And she took a selfie with her iPhone X

She whisper in my ear

We can be friends

u can hit it

if u put ur cards on deck

Lawd ah mercy!

Somebody ring the alarm

Shorty on the prowl

And its me she ah want

But I and I

Got a wife and children at home

Ya cian take dat… Dress back?

Lawd ah mercy!


(No No No)

For real

Gotta know the deal

Gals looking for love

And dem no wan chill

(U dont love me and i know now)

For real

I know how ya feel

But i got a wife and a kid

Gal chill


Verse 2

But Shorty keep calling me

She no wan chill

She no wan care

how my wife gon feel

Say I-man d only one

Wey she wan still

From anoda woman

D gal wan stea



wey dis gal feel

Create situation

So unrea


Instagram.. Facebook

Gal keep stalking me

I closed the door

But gal keep knocking it

I man faithful

I man monogamist

Mi respeck sisthren

Me no misogynist

But gal keep texting me

Harrasing me sexually

Imma have to call her out

If she keep pressuring

Hey gal pickini

We ciant meet secretly

I man ah married man

Nah.. Ya ciant get wt mi


Dem tink say dem luv me

But luv me dem not (2x)

1 gal

2 gal

 3 gal

Calling me

4 gal


 6 gal

stalking me

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