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Let me know from Nostalgia EP by DaBoomsha mp3 download.

From the highly anticipated Nostalgia EP from hip hop luminary, music lawyer and TV presenter DaBoomsha, here’s one of the tracks tagged Let Me Know.

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Verse 1

Dear mam

I promise this drought wont last forever

been working on my endeavors

So u never lack for chedda

Its dark now

But these rainy days wont last foreve

joy and laughter and something bette

is coming after

Music in my DNA

since way back in 8

Thru heartbreaks and 808

Mami,u raised me straight

Cudnt get a job in K

moved to Ab

Destiny was calling ou

to me

in a major w

So i had to beat it to Gid

and follow my dreams

Sorry i say neva blow

Im still doin my rap thin

Odds stacked against me

Im dribbling past like J

still fighting

Never surrender

Im on my A-Game

Put you thru a lot financially

Stressed you mentally

But im on my way up, mama

Make u dey pray for m

Ultralight beaming

 im God-dreaming on stereos

But if u not seeing my vision clearl

just let me know


But at your best you are love

You’re a positive motivating force within my life

Should you ever feel the need to wonder why

Let me know, let me know. . .


Hey bab

Its bn mad crazy these past few year

It takes a team to make the dream wor

Dats a jew

Im out che

On the grind dail

Just tryna make it

Stay away from these slaychick

Cant be caught in dat matr

Studios and interviews

Life of a starving artist


Of Being a father and a husband

Sometimes i buckle und

the weight of my obligations

but you always helping me

Showing me love and patience

Sometimes it feel lik

I don’t really deserve yo

I can be a pain in d but

and really hurt yo

got you feelin im not appreciating your virtu

But honestly i d

Just cant put em in words, b

So i put it in a song

Let it play on the radio

But if you aint gettin enuf of

Just let me kno



What up, jethro

Ur my son, my own baby bo

Cant forget the day u was bor

How u gave me jo

In the hospit

When the doctor gave you to me

Holding my own seed was so amazing to

Yo son, I was there

when you took your first breath

And im still here watching you taking your first ste

But im getting mixed feelings

Watching you tryna sin

Wishing it wasn’t a rapper or singer u tryna b

Cos Its hard being an artist

The industry is heartles

But im a braveheart

The epitome regardle

So imma leave you a legacy that you can rock on

Build you a platform

energy for you to rap mor

I see God in y

guiding you thru the high and lows

And im here for yo

Always.. Daddy

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