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Moses Bliss Unveils Foundation & Spends Birthday With Orphans

Moses Bliss Unveils Foundation & Spends Birthday With Orphans

Moses Bliss Unveils Foundation & Spends Birthday With Orphans

Versatile Nigerian gospel music singer and songwriter Moses Bliss the Too Faithful crooner has launched out a foundation as a way to give back to the society and God’s people.

The foundation was launched on his birthday and as such he took the opportunity to celebrate his birthday which was on the 22nd of February with the children at Hope Alive Orphanage.

Taking to his social media handle, the singer made the announcement with photos from the outing and the caption below.

This was the best part of my birthday. Through the @mosesblissfoundation I spent a huge part of my birthday day at an orphanage home with amazing kids. We sang, we worshipped, shared the word and we prayed. By God’s grace we went with provisions, foodstuffs, toiletries e.t.c Also on behalf of the @mosesblissfoundation I presented a cheque to support the education of the Kids. I can’t even express my joy that we were able to reach out to them. Seeing this kids smile was priceless. It was so fulfilling. We experienced the love of Christ. The @mosesblissfoundation has come to stay and we are committed to spreading This love and service to humanity till we meet the Lord Jesus. Thank you everyone at HOPE ALIVE ORPHANAGE for caring for these kids. I want to specially thank all my Fam who came out with me to make this a reality. You are the best. God bless you. #MosesBliss #Love #MosesBlissfoundation

The official page of the foundation also posted image from the outing as well as thanking the team and everyone who made the movement successful. On the caption, they also shared brief of what they taught the children at Hope Orphanage Home during the visitation. Below is the caption as seen on the foundation official page.

True peace can only be found in love: so @mosesbliss decided to celebrate his birthday at the orphanage with this amazing kids so he said “meeting with these kids reminded me of how when I lost my dad life become a torture; to the point where feeding was a major challenge; I struggled everyday to become a better person; to bless lives and become a voice of hope to my generation; to help the younger generation as much as I can not to go through same menace I faced and today God in his infinite mercy has helped me lay off this heavy burden. Seeing this kids smile because of the little token I could offer is priceless to me” #mosesblissfoundation has come to stay and we will spread this love till we meet with the lord” Thanks to everyone @hopealiveorphanage For caring for these kids and also teaching them to love the lord.. may the lord bless you endlessly And to all #mosesblissfoundation team members you all are simply the best; thanks for helping this dream come true.

God bless Moses Bliss and the team for their heartfelt movement to give back to the society and we pray that the seeds being sown will grow to be mighty trees becoming useful in the father’s vineyard.

See more photos below;

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