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Limoblaze & Godfrey Gad: Is The Label Gospel Artiste A limitation Factor To An Artist?

Limoblaze & Godfrey Gad: Is The Label Gospel Artiste A limitation Factor To An Artist?

Limoblaze & Godfrey Gad: Is The Label Gospel Artiste A limitation Factor To An Artist?

It’s not a new fact that a lot of gospel music artist especially the urban, hip hop, rap and Afro Pop genre artists are always quick to shun anyone that addresses them as gospel artists but is it really necessary to shy away from the tag “Gospel Artiste”?

In a conversation between Limoblaze and FloThaMonster on micro-blogging platform Twitter, we gathered the excerpt below where Limoblaze solidly stated the fact that he’s not ashamed to be termed a gospel artist and there’s no use in shying away from the tag or shutting it down when addressed as such.

Read the excerpt below;


It’s funny when Christian creatives try to shy away from the tag “Gospel Artist”. When you carry the presence of God, even when you make a love song or a song about politics, people will listen and their spirit will tell them, this one is different, he must be a gospel artist.

I’m a Gospel Artist!!! My music carries The Spirit of God !!!

At the end of the day it’s all just semantics, regardless of what the Grammy categories may say, the common man refers to any music that glorifies God as Gospel music, doesn’t your music depict a lifestyle that is in accordance with God? So why are you fighting the label???

So the conversation here isn’t you labeling yourself as one. I’ve made love songs and heartbreak songs, people listen and still straight up get the perception that this one is a gospel artist. Their labeling not mine but I won’t spend time fighting it you get.

Using myself as an example, I’ve made music that touches most topics that is relatable to an everyday person, the title Gospel Artist has never been something I see as a limitation, to me the Gospel of Jesus translates into my total existence and way of life.

So if I would talk about love, it’ll definitely be from the perspective of a man who has been redeemed, if I talk about politics It’ll be from a stand point of the Lord’s bride. While my musical takes might not be popular demand, I do not see it as a limitation.

Rather I see it as reaching the demographic it was designed to reach. Good music however can not be denied, regardless of whatever you say on it, I’ve seen people get off the clubs on Friday after doing drugs, fornicating but wake up singing Ekwueme in tears the next morning


Yeah.. I agree with you if it has never been a ‘limitation’ to you. But for some, saying you are a Gospel Artiste by default has its limitations, its a music industry thing. If you want to be a universal brand stereotyping yourself as a gospel artiste will come with limitations.

Lol. You are right. But these are people whose music aren’t naija branded okay


Truth is, if you find excuses for it not to work, you’ll find them. I’m indie and do more music sales than most of your Nigerian secular A list artists. I’m doing this with no labels and no major funding


Yeah I dig. But I want to assume u must be enjoying some opportunities as a result of been a Loveworld/Christ Embassy member right? Now not all gospel artiste enjoy such benefit.


First off I am not a Christ Embassy member, big ups to what they do for their artist. I enjoy what I enjoy due to Grace of God that doesn’t know denomination which powers my hard work and creativity.

That above was an excerpt from their conversation that ensued on Twitter. That will bring us to the conclusions that

As gospel artists, the label “GOSPEL ARTISTE” isn’t what is limiting you but your mindset.

You should know another fact that everyone is not your audience, look for that demographic that’s for you & reach out to them, the zeal to reach out wider and not getting them will only frustrate you.

Finally I’ll have to agree with principal Olumati school of thought which states that “Adding Jesus to a faulty brand doesn’t makes it premium”. Focus on making quality music lyrically & in terms of production not forgetting to build quality relationship with God and as such even when you make a love song or a song about politics, people will listen.


Limoblaze & Godfrey Gad: Is The Label Gospel Artiste A limitation Factor To An Artist?

In other news, Kaduna born gospel hip hop act Godfrey Gad who’s known for his songs such as No Worries, Win or Win, Kabash which had a Remix with Moses Bliss got shortlisted into the volume 1 of DJ Cuppy’s DM tracks.

Not too long ago, DJ Cuppy announced via Twitter for artistes to send in their songs for a playlist compilation and a gospel artist was featured on it hereby strengthening the fact that the gospel artiste label is never a limitation factor.

It is also worthy to note that he’s an indie artist, has no backing of a record label and not a member of Christ Embassy as FloThaMonster already assumed for Limoblaze from the conversation above.

From his post on Facebook sharing his excitement, he was at first reluctant to send his entry because he felt the music won’t have a chance there due to one of fact that it’s a gospel song from a gospel artist.

But cutting the long story short, his song win or Win made it as number 5 out of the 4000 entries received by DJ Cuppy.


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