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Limoblaze Accused Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati (See Reason)

Limoblaze Accused Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati

Limoblaze Accused Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati.

Versatile gospel music artist Limoblaze is on the news today again but this time around, he’s being accused of belonging to the dreaded group illuminati which is believed to be connected to the devil and those who sells their soul to him for fame, riches, power etc.

But why will the MY LOVE crooner be accused of such claims?

Five days ago being the 22nd day of May 2020, a producer and an artist in the person of Rehmahz dropped a new song titled VICTORY which featured Limoblaze. The audio was uploaded to YouTube by Limoblaze but as it may happen to be, one of Limoblaze fan identified as Johan Batasi from Cameron wasn’t OK with Rehmahz pose on the cover art displaying a triangular sign with both hands.

The aggrieved fan using the comment section first of all asked why Rehmahz must portray such sign and question the fact if Limoblaze was still singing for God since he’s associating himself with Rehmahz portraying the said illuminati symbol.

Not getting an answer or attention on YouTube, he directed his attention to Twitter and twitted directly to Limoblaze  from his handle @Johan2BS demanding answers if he is still for God or now with illuminati.

Check out the comment of Johan Batasi on the audio uploaded to YouTube below:

Limoblaze Accused Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati

In this age and being in the year 2020, what can you say about the question of this fan? Let us know in the comment section.

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