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Legacy preps to drop new single Rosie

Legacy preps to drop new single Rosie
Joshua Chukwuka Okonkwo ‘legacy’ is an artist who believes in the power of heart felt classic music.
Born in Nigeria, and presently residing in Switzerland, ‘legacy’ whose music is an embodiment of authenticity and versatility is known for his story as a full-time truck driver,
who spends most of his driving hours singing and his break and waiting time in the cabin composing new songs.
Legacy preps to drop new single Rosie
His days spent as a truck driver inspired his debut single “singing truck driver” which was released on the 15th of March 2019 followed by his summer hit single “can’t stop me” which was released on the 5th of July 2019. As one who has been passionate about music for so many years, he learned to play the piano and has incorporated this amazing talent, along with his experience as a vocal coach into his career to make amazing music.
He is on social media as;
Instagram: @theonelegacymusic
Twitter: @onelegacymusic
Facebook Page: Legacy-Music
Listen to legacy talk about his music HERE

Read newspaper publications about legacy HERE

Stream legacy’s music content on YouTube:


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