Iyke Oriaku – God is not calling everyone to the Pulpit in this end time Revival

Iyke Oriaku - God is not calling everyone to the Pulpit in this end time Revival

Iyke Oriaku – God is not calling everyone to the Pulpit in this end time Revival

If God makes all of us the next Idahosa, who will be the next Thomas Edison? If everybody becomes the next Apostle Babalola who who will be the next Ben Carson?

It will be a mistake for God to make me another Papa Paul Enenche, God doesn’t need 2 Benny Hinns in the world now. There are different assignments all of us were born with which will certainly bring glory to God las Las.

You can still be a scientist that will be healing the sick and driving out demons, you can be an On Air Personality that will influence moral rebirth and mental revolution into this generation.

The church abandoned these high ways and Satan and His agents took over, and now, we are all suffering it.

Even some young men who God anointed from birth to go into movies and make Name for Him have all ran into the pulpits.

Everybody is shouting Fire.

God is expecting some inside laboratories to give them discoveries to several killer diseases in the world instead, they are in night vigils, shouting: “Usher help, usher help” Counting how many people that fell under anointing while they were ministering.

Every young boy or girl now wants to be seen as a deep preacher like Apostle Arome, everybody wants to be preaching alignment like Apostle Joshua Selman some have gone into spiritual chanting, like Evangelist Lawrence Oyor.

When we should be asking God for political ideas to help this messed up world, we are in every conference shouting for God to make us to start prophesying like Apostle Johnon Suleiman.

What an error!

Friends, what a young man that is carrying the economical destiny of his generation needs are conferences and seminars on finances to help him where he is going he doesn’t need minister’s conferences where pastor’s gather to showcase their numerical and financial strengths.

Sister, if God had wanted to make you the next Kathryn Khulman, you are not the one that will remind Him, stop praying to be the next Kathryn Khulman instead, pray for God to use you the way He used Kathryn Khulman in her calling in your own calling which might have nothing to do with pulpit.

The more congested the pulpit is, the more the society suffers.

Maybe, you don’t understand what revival is yet that is why you are still expecting to see when everyone inside a train station will start crying in repentance because Charles Finney came into the train, the way we read in God’s Generals.

We were all in that page.

But those were the lies we told ourselves about the coming move of God. if you are into sports, keep praying like Charles Finney, one day, you will be in the field playing football and people will begin to come close to you and to surrender to Jesus even without you preaching to them. If you are a university lecturer, keep praying 6 to 8 hours like Kathryn Khulman, one day, no one that hears you lecture will be able to stand the anointing that comes out from your mouth.

If God calls you into drama, go ahead and be sowing the seed of prayer into that vision soon, from local drama, it turn into movies and it will be impossible for people to see your movies and not run back to God.

If you are into science and technology, go ahead and be praying in the Holy Ghost, daily soon, God will give you and idea that will bring an answer to your generation.

If God called you to be a Ben Carson and you are on earth doing like Papa Adeboye, you failed God. God wants to use you in a way that if PaPa Idahosa is to come back to life, he will be praying for God to make him what He made you.

It is not in my time that boys who should be in the studio accessing heaven for scientific discoveries will be in minister’s conference looking for one preacher they will carry his grace.

It is not in my time that pretty ladies in Zion who should be in movie locations, making movies that will dethrone Satan will be carrying bag for one ‘Mummy G. O’ so that what is following the mama will be following them too.

Friends, God will hold the church in Africa responsible if we will make the Philip Emeagwalis of Africa to die trying to become Papa Oyedepo we want to see a generation of youths in the church who are not crying for fire because they want to go and open churches.

Lord, give us a generation of youths that will not be praying and fasting because they want to get anointing to start competing with their mates in night vigils.

Where are the youths that wants to carry fire without expecting people to be using 2 hands to shake them after they have given accurate prophecies in church services?

In our time, Medical doctors will prophesy inside their hospitals and people will gather to surrender to Jesus.

In my time, On Air Personalities will be on radio talking about entertainments, and suddenly, they will start dishing out words of Knowledge to their listeners.

If you have not seen what is coming, just pay attention… Because something unusual is coming.

In our little way, why our circle is very small and it’s even getting smaller is because we have understood that many don’t understand what revival is yet.

They think revival is when some people are gathering weekly celebrating the poiousness of one denominational arrow head.

Some think it is when people are ready for heaven.

Some think revival is when some people are somewhere condemning others, who Christ saved the way He saved them.

Thinking they are the ones with the key to heaven.

A revival that will not make the church relevant in the community is not from God.

A revival that will break out and yet, satanic agents will still be in control of the media, the sports and the entertainment is not revival.

Every genuine revival that was ever read or seen on the face of the earth came to give people ideas that changed their status in their communities.

When revival comes, people from Zion takes over sensitive industries of the world.

Holy Ghost invades men and chase them into laboratories, and they come out with inventions that will bless their generations.

But Lord, we have seen people read to pray and fast so that they will start prophesying.

We have seen those who are ready to speak in tongues 100 hours just to maintain their spiritual tempo.

But are there those who are ready to open their minds for ideas that will bring change to their communities?

Some started very well and we had hopes on them, but because they were afraid of what the religious minds in their circle sill say.

They abandoned those worthy ideas and sanctimoniously ran to the pulpit, also doing what everyone is doing.

So that they will be accepted everywhere.

Can we cry like Paul .

“What do you have me do for you, Lord…?

Please, distract us from this satanic set up called ‘pulpit’ wearing the face of Pentecost.

And restore from ruins the consciousness of the real assignment You brought us out for, which religious activities has strangled to comatose .

To Your glory alone, no matter what the enemy is doing, we will see the real revival again in our time.

“Lucifer, watch out”

Let us pray.

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