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It Is Fraud To Be Sowing To Bishop Oyedepo, Adeboye, Enenche, ETC Without Sponsoring Missionaries In The Field – Iyke Oriaku

It Is Fraud To Be Sowing To Bishop Oyedepo, Adeboye, Enenche, ETC Without Sponsoring Missionaries In The Field - Iyke Oriaku

It Is Fraud To Be Sowing To Bishop Oyedepo, Adeboye, Enenche, ETC Without Sponsoring Missionaries In The Field – Iyke Oriaku

Any pastor that is sending money monthly to Bishop Oyedepo, Papa Adeoye monthly but doesn’t have a missionary he’s sponsoring in the fields is a fraud.

Your heart is not right, sir, you are eyeing private jets, not souls. Repent if not, you will reap the wind.

I know many pastors like you that have been sowing money to Papa Oyedepo since 20years ago that doesn’t have upto to 20 members now. Some have even folded and are now using their church halls for bakery.

The question is: “What happened to those seeds they were sowing all those years”. We can’t drag God into our lust and expect Him to play along. I suspect many people that says that God told them to be sowing seeds to Oyedepo and all those wealthy men of God, because lust also has a voice.

The money you send to Bishop Oyedepo every month will help 10 stranded missionaries somewhere to win more souls to Christ. Why sending money to those that doesn’t need it when there are genuine guys around you that needs it to do more for God than they are doing now?

If you see me sowing seeds into the life of Bishop Oyedepo it is not because I want to be like Him.

Oyedepo did not make himself, he cannot make me. If you see my envelope with Pastor Paul Enenche it is not because I want to build Glory Dome tomorrow.

Any generation that is displaying loyalty that has ulterior agenda can never amount to anything heaven can be proud of.

Instead of me to sow my car to Oyedepo, I will sow it to a genuine pastor near me that will use it to comb all the nooks and crannies to harvest souls for Jesus. This is not human sense, it is Divine wisdom.

But you still have your choice to term it anything you wish.

God will be more happy seeing that car in active missionary service, wrecking demonic kingdoms than seeing it parked in a compound of a man where there are already more than 20 cars that nobody is using.

You know exactly what I am saying, but you are afraid to be termed controversial. It is not their fault that God has blessed them and made them to heap gold as dust, but it is our fault if we don’t trade with wisdom.

If what is really burning in your heart is passion for souls, you will know that those men doesn’t need those seeds you are sowing to them. They have chains of legitimate businesses that is bringing in billions everyday, they have churches around the world that are sending returns to them, they have books and many other means of getting money in billions monthly while there are stranded missionaries that abandoned their certificate etc and took their families to missionary fields and everyday, they go about with their families, preaching to cannibalistic and chronic idol worshippers on empty stomach. With that money you are sending to these already established preachers, they will wrought great revivals in those places that will make news on Earth.

I am not saying that they are manipulating you to give them money, I know they didn’t force you but all I want to remind you is that they don’t need it.

I want to help them remind you that their wives have more than 5 cars to go out with anytime they want, their children have different cars to drive around town with. If you bring that your car as seed, they might not even enter it till the next 5years, until they too will use it as seeds to their family or friends.

Sow seed as a child of God with burden to move the gospel forward, don’t sow seed to Oyedepo’s ministry because you want to become an Oyedepo THAT IS FRAUD. There is no love of God in that seed.

Sow seed where it will help close down some shrines somewhere, sow seed to places where it will encourage the missionaries to do more for God.

If God wants to make you bigger than Oyedepo, He will see the seeds you are sowing for his work in missions and show up.

If man can make his fellow man, Late Idahosa would have made all those that were sowing into his ministry when he was alive but today, many of them didn’t have anything to manifest to their Generation till they died.

May God send angels to slap my Generation back to reality!

Our fathers knows this truth, and I think it is time for them to tell us, if not, don’t blame anyone that mistakes their silence for criminality, they should tell us that the same God that will bless us if we send the money to them will still bless us if we split the offering among some stranded genuine preachers around us.

All over the streets, there are churches and different kinds of offerings are being collected weekly and no one is remembeing missionaries. When was the last time your pastor preached and mentioned that there are missionaries who needs just 1k to print black and white posters for their crusades? But yet, every month, your pastor gathers money and send to one big Papa somewhere because he wants to manifest what the Papa is manifesting.

Many young guys that are supposed to be in the field have ran back home, rented halls and are now using Marine powers to substitute for the Presence of God they lost when they left the field. Hunger drove them back, hunger has converted full time field Evangelists and crusaders to General Overseers.

Years ago, some guys graduated from Bible schools, but tore their certificates and said “God give us souls or we die” they went into the field and it was not long, hunger visited them and no one was ready to assist them, today, they are in town, dragging members with one another, shouting fire from sunday to sunday and yet, the little town is not feeling their impacts, because they have abandoned their ordinations.

If we had remembered them, they would not have ran back to town with godless fire to prove godless points among their vain friends.

I am not making this post to instult men who God has blessed but if my Gene wants to be blessed, there are codes we must uncode.

Many young guys around you who have genuine oil are contemplating going to bow to Mami water daily because of hunger in ministry, some of them have burnt bridges to follow Jesus and now, they are stranded Jezebel is pricing their souls in exchange of few money.

I will rather put 10 of such pastors on monthly salary, no matter how little, instead of me to be using that money to be sending to Papa Oyedepo and any other big Papa anywhere.

Some one helped them before they become whatever they are today, some of them enjoyed stead financial assistance from some churches home and abroad before they got established unfortunately, we hardly hear those parts of their stories. The only things we hear are the days they lock themselves inside the house for 10 months seeking the face of God but not the days some churches took them up and were sending them money every month for years before they stood.

You are wrong if you think I am insulting your spiritual father or mentor, if they emphasize financial coverage the way they emphasize spiritual coverage many will not know the road to native doctors.

This may not be the last time I will talk about this, until this generation is distracted from this swift path to vanity.

For now, may God give us understanding!

Let us pray!

© Evangelist Iyke Oriaku


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