Interview: One On One With Temzeey Calebs (The Person & The Craft)

One On One With Temzeey Calebs (The Person & The Craft)

One On One With Temzeey Calebs (The Person & The Craft)

Temzeey Calebs is a name that has gradually grown to become a household name especially in the gospel Afrobeat sphere.

He’s known for designing exotic, stylish, straight to the point yet simple cover arts for music. Aside that, he’s also an excellent music artist who has a couple of songs to his name, others coming and a few features.

He has designed art for the likes of A Mose, Maikon West, Lekan Salamii and a whole lot of others. In this interview session, he talked about both crafts, future plans and other things you probably don’t know and may never know about him.

With that being said, let’s get into the interview. Don’t forget to share this post after reading till the end.

Unik Empire: Good morning and welcome to Unik Empire Media House virtual interview section, can our audience get to know you?

I’m Temzeey Calebs Temilorun, and it’s a pleasure to be here.

Unik Empire: You’re welcome once again, how well do you love to be addressed? Music artist or a graphic designer?

Hmmm, I’ve actually had problems with that for a while now  but I’ll just like to be addressed as “Temzeey Calebs” cause my brand is way more than graphics designing and music. But I’m a Graphic designer professionally and also a music artist professionally. I get paid either ways.

Unik Empire: Get paid either ways so aside the music and graphic design, who’s Temzeey Calebs?

Temzeey Calebs: I’m just myself, just a work of art (laughs). I discover new things each and everyday I’ll just say we’ve all got these hidden things we have to do not necessarily for money or anything but for ourselves, we find purpose everyday. So I’m just another human.

Unik Empire: Talking about your professional life, how have you been able to juggle between music and graphic designing?

Temzeey Calebs: The thing is, I started as an artist mainly. When I ventured into graphic designing. I had to put a stop to music. There’s a saying if you want to really do the music business you need money. So I had to work for money first if I want my music to go any further I have to invest. Then I lost interest in music alongside not total interest but I once decided to leave music professionally but then I met Rehmahz and we had a discussion around the topic PURPOSE and that changed everything.

Unik Empire: We were about to get to that aspect but since it’s been mentioned, who are those who’ve influenced your music life?

Temzeey Calebs: Not in a particular order though but I’ll say my own siblings and parents they are my greatest support, even my extended family.

Then I’ll say Lekan Salamii, Rehmahz, Phrv and a whole lot of others

Unik Empire: Since you’ve found your love for music again, what are some of the projects you’ve embarked on and what are those to expect soon?

Temzeey Calebs: There’s an EP I’ve been working on since 2016 “Drones and Solace” meaning for Happy and sad times and I intentionally delayed it this long because my music is mainly about my journey with God and my true life experiences. I don’t know when it’s going to be ready, but it’ll be worth it. Trust me it’s not going to be like what you’ve heard before, cause the EP is reality that most people will be able to relate with.

Then I’m working on another EP presently title “Yours Truly”, and I’ve got another one coming Titled “Rehab”

All these projects are based on what I’m going through presently and my journey with God.

Temzeey Calebs
Photo manipulation by Temzeey Calebs

Unik Empire: Talking about your journey with God, would you consider yourself a gospel artiste or a Christian who’s an artist?

Temzeey Calebs: I’ve been asked this question a lot of times actually. The last time I was in the studio I was asked this question too.

Regardless I think we’re yet to decipher what Christianity really is, I’m a Christian artist who makes music about anything human, love, Gods love, crisis, any thing you can mention. Because God actually has a hand in anything human and influences every part of our lives. So why can’t I sing about anything at all?

When the Bible said “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”. If a Christian artist doesn’t sing about love, should we now leave it to artist who will sing about it using explicit content? When we’re the true one who knows what true love is. Christ died for our sins. We can infuse this kind of love to our fellow humans, our partners, family, friends.

So I’m a Christian Artist, or let me say I’m “Temzeey Calebs” that’s my theory

Unik Empire: Good analogy, to you as an artist, what does your work aim to say? Your message?

Temzeey Calebs: I just want to influence lives, I want to always make music that people can relate with. Real life issues. I’ll leave lamba for people that’ll make you dance, that’s goo too actually. But whenever you hear any Temzeey music, I want people to sit down with their headphones plugged in and listen with deep thoughts. Life changing music

Unik Empire: Hmm so does that mean there won’t be a dance vibe or Gbedu like people will call it from Temzeey Calebs?

Temzeey Calebs: No there’ll be, I’m not saying there won’t be a danceable song from me.

In fact I have a record with Rehmahz which I dropped last year December, it’s a danceable song. It’s a vibe!


Unik Empire: Since you say your music will be ranging on a wild scope, would you be making music commenting on social or political issues?

Temzeey Calebs: I’m not really a political type, but I think I have a song almost about that

Unik Empire: Great it would be great to listen to it someday

Still focused on your music, who are those artists you wish to collaborate with?

Temzeey Calebs: Vector, J cole, Phrv, Mitch Angelo, Oba Reengy, Lecrae, Hulvey, Montell Fish… the list goes on and on

Unik Empire: This brings us to the issue of featuring a secular artist as one is already on top of your list of the artists you’d love to feature.

A lot of gospel artist detest the idea of featuring a secular artist, if you will, why would you want feature one?

Temzeey Calebs: To me I can feature a secular artiste whose song I can really relate to and has blessed me personally, so why not have a verse from him and make a lifetime record together?

Not a bad thing to try out actually

Unik Empire: What’s the most important thing in music to you? The lyrics, production or anything else?

Temzeey Calebs: The lyrics mainly, that’s the purpose then other things can follow

Unik Empire: Talking about music you listen to, whose and what type of music do you listen to regularly?

Temzeey Calebs: I listen to gospel rap a lot, then vector and any other rap songs with content that can benefit me. Afro comes last on my list though.

Unik Empire: Would it then be right to say you’re not an Afro lover?

Temzeey Calebs: No I’m an Afro lover, I just love hip hop more

Unik Empire: As a professional graphic designer and a music artist, would you design and brand your music art cover by yourself or have someone else do that for you?

Temzeey Calebs: I’ll do it myself, nothing serious though but because I understand the depth from which the music came from.

Sometimes I have my friends and colleagues do it for me

Unik Empire: A question I’d love to ask every artist I talked with, if you could open a show for an artist who would that be?

Temzeey Calebs: It’ll be Vector (laughs) Vector everytime all day

Unik Empire: No need to ask which artist you’d love to spend a day in the studio with because it’ll probably be Vector

Temzeey Calebs: Yeah (laughs) that’ll be the answer

Unik Empire: If you could possibly change a thing in the music industry what would it be?

Temzeey Calebs: I really don’t have, everyone should just be diligent

Unik Empire: Before we get to the end of the session, what are five things about you that no one can guess?

Okay this (laughs)

  1. I’m an introvert
  2. I love movies
  3. I’m shy, really shy
  4. I don’t know how to cook (laughs)
  5. I babysit. I should receive an award for that (laughs again)

Unik Empire: Lastly what’s one word of advice and appreciation from you to those reading this and those following your music?

Temzeey Calebs: God bless every single soul streaming and following Since day 1. Jesus loves you, if you’re not yet saved it’s not too late. GODSPEED Always.

Unik Empire: Thank you for the amazing session, we do hope on inviting you to our reality studio soon

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