Interview: One On One With P.Nuel

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

On today’s Unik Empire Media House interview section tagged One On One, we have with us an amazing minister of the gospel who shared with us his amazing journey in the music industry and his plans for the nearest future.

Fasten your seat belts, grab a pack of popcorn and drink as we get into the interview.

Unik Empire: Good evening and welcome to our virtual interview session, can we get to meet you?

Guest: Thank you for your kind invitation, I am Abiodun Emmanuel Oyedele well known as P.Nuel. I hail from Ogun State Nigeria, a graduate of mass communication, preacher, public speaker, writer, dramatist, relationship coach, and a worshipper.

Unik Empire: You can easily pass as a master of plenty trades but talking about your musical journey, how has it been?

P.Nuel: Music has been a thing in our family as we’re all musically inclined but mine wasn’t that noticeable as I pursued other things as well. It was in 1999 that I wrote my first two songs and it was that same year I began to appear on stage. Then, it was just my family members. It was last year 2020 that I officially released my first four singles.

Unik Empire: How were you convinced it’s time to launch into the music industry professionally?

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

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P.Nuel: I was at home writing a poetic script that was just supposed to be a voice over for a project. Then, all of a sudden I began to get the tune for the lines. Though it was not my first composed song, but I had a confirmation in my Spirit that it was time to go to the studio, and that piece was released in April 2020. It’s titled; Messiah.

Unik Empire: How is your songwriting process like?

P.Nuel: If I should say there’s a specific procedure in writing songs then I’ll be a liar, most of my songs are gotten during my quiet, study and meditation time, I have so many of them in the archives some which  I’ve not shared with the public till the time may be right for it.

Unik Empire: Concerning your other careers, how do you balance them with the music making?

P.Nuel: You can call everything I do “creatively based”, so, it’s easier to blend everything together. The music helps the drama, the speaking and writing engagements are intertwined, so everything I do complement and help each other and I can tell you it’s not much of a stress.

Unik Empire: Since you ventured into the musical scene professionally, what are some of the challenges & best times you’ve had?

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

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P.Nuel: Promoting the music one has made can be a major challenge as a starter, you believe you have good contents and you want to have them to spread across the nations but then you’ll be faced with the financial challenges to push forward. Other times, you also want to make more songs, but when you remember that studio production is not free, you’ll then have to readjust. Basically, I’ll say financing the music is one of the basic challenges that I’ve faced. But then, we keep telling the Holy Spirit, “I’m moving AT YOUR PACE” which is actually the title of my second song.

Talking about best moments, I’ll say receiving positive feedbacks and testimonies from listeners is a moment I cherish and will always stay priceless.

When I was recording one of the songs “FEELINGS FOR YOU”, the studio door gently opened and a soft wind came in. It was such a very sweet experience for me because the feeling was overwhelming.

Unik Empire: Still on your music, how would you describe the type of music that you write?

P.Nuel: I’ll say my music is contemporary. In the actual sense, most of my songs are focused on a believer’s relationship with the Father (God).

Unik Empire: Have you had any collaboration before and if no are we looking at having some soonest?

P.Nuel: For now, there has been no collaboration but hopefully in times to come, we will have them coming in.

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

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Unik Empire: Still talking about the collaborative effort, would you accept a feature or collaborate with a secular artist if the opportunity is before you?

P.Nuel: Hmm, secular artist? Well the answer to this question depends solely on the motive of such feature. As a minister, we don’t just do what we want, we do what God wants us to do. If the motives are weighed under the light of God’s word and His ordinances and it’s judged OK then I’ll go in for it. If not, I don’t think it would happen.

Unik Empire: Great, who are the artists you regularly listen to?

P.Nuel: I grew up loving and listening to Don Moen music, I do love and listen to Michael Smith as well and not to forget, I so much love Sola Allyson’s songs. I do listen to songs from Theophilus Sunday and Lawrence Oyor sometimes and when it’s time to hit the dance floor, I do go with Mike Abdul and Mercy Chinwo.

Unik Empire: Great picks, as we gradually get to the end of the session, is there any project we’re to expect from you soonest?

P.Nuel: By the grace of God, we should get a musical video of one of the tracks released in the course of last year soonest and all hands are on deck doing everything possible to make it ready and probably there would be either an Album or an Extended Play (EP) before the year runs out.

One On One Interview Session With P.Nuel

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Unik Empire: Beautiful and we’re patiently anticipating. What words do you have for your fans/listeners?

P.Nuel: To co-music ministers and laborers in the vineyard, I will say; Don’t minister a song that has not first ministered to you. And to my wonderful audience, thank you so much for your love and support so far. Thank you for your constant feedbacks. Just like Apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians, I also say; “Brethren, pray for us”. You’re dearly loved.

Unik Empire: Thank you for your time on this session, we look forward to seeing your new video and other projects as they drop in the course of the year.

P.Nuel: Thanks so much and God bless you!

Unik Empire: You’re welcome sir

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