Interview: “Christ or Naah” – Elite Muzik speaks about collaboration with Lil Mizzy

Christ or Naah Elite Muzik speaks about collaboration with Lil Mizzy

Elite Muzik speaks about collaboration with Lil Mizzy – So we had a brief talk with this young lad and we discussed about his single which will be released soon and the collaboration with Lil Mizzy. Who is he? What is he up to? What is the music all about?

Find out the answer to these questions and many more you have in heart in this exclusive interview.

Unik Empire: Good day and welcome to Unik Empire Media House virtual interview session please can you introduce yourself for our readers to know more about you

Guest: My name is Barnabas Ijulu Manassah but I’m known as Elite Muzik, I’m a Gospel Music minister from Borno State

Unik Empire: So can you please tell us little about your musical journey?

Guest: I started singing since the age of 7, I was introduced to hip hop by my elder brother when I was 9, I started writing my lyrics by the age of 11 though the lyrics were not good then, I didn’t quit I kept on with the writing, straight from high-school I started performing it got me popular but my mum was not pleased with it all because I was strictly into secular music and hated anything related to the gospel or anything church like so she introduced me to the renowned prophet Elijah Dankano in 2015. In 2016, I had a conviction to stop secular, take the cross and follow the master Jesus Christ and let the world hear of Him through my songs.

Unik Empire: Wow this is interesting. So far so good how many songs have you dropped?

Guest: Presently I’ve released three singles and believe me there are more yet to come. I did my first song last year just a month after graduating from high school under the mentorship of Elijah Dankano the prophet my mother introduced me to who turned out to be my spiritual father.

Christ or Naah Elite Muzik speaks about collaboration with Lil Mizzy

Unik Empire: So talking about the new single on its way what do you have to say about it?

Guest: It’s a song from my upcoming extended play project “CHRISTED MORALZ” and I was opportune to have Makurdi based gospel minister Lilmizzy on the song, we called the song “CHRIST OR NAAH” meaning Christ or nothing. The title was inspired by the words in John 14:6 (Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.) So it’s either through Christ or you can’t get to the father.

Unik Empire: That’s awesome. Of all artists why choose Lil Mizzy to take part in this project?

Guest: Hmmm what can I say. Though there are lot of options I choose to do this project with him because he has been there mentoring me since when I started, he believed in my talent even though it was what you’ll call half bake or should I say zero talent when I started last year and again I’ve always wanted to work with him because he motivated me and encouraged me every now and then and glory to God, my dream of working with him is now a reality.

Unik Empire: Good to know so how soon should your fans expect this new music and what should they expect from you?

Guest: For the first time they should be ready to hear my hard core rapping skills blessed by Lil Mizzy and the song CHRIST OR NAAH From the CHRISTED MORALZ EP should drop next month by God’s grace as we’re putting in maximum effort to see to it’s release.

Unik Empire: It was nice having you with us and we say thank you for your time as we await the release of CHRIST OR NAAH.

Guest: My pleasure Unik Empire. God bless you.



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