I’m Not Lecrae, I’ll Block You; Limoblaze Sends Out Warning To Dictating Fans

I'm Not Lecrae, I'll Block You; Limoblaze Sends Out Warning To Dictating Fans

I’m Not Lecrae, I’ll Block You; Limoblaze Sends Out Warning To Dictating Fans

In a series of tweets and posts on Facebook, Nigerian urban and afro-pop gospel artist Limoblaze has voiced out his displeasure in fans dictating what they should do and how they should go about doing it.

It’s no doubt that gospel music ministers/artists are faced with a lot of persecution online and offline but there’s a limit to what everyone can take.

Directing the warning to overzealous fans who knows it all, he brought into remembrance how people have talked down and dictated for award winning rapper Lecrae even when he puts in his best.

In a simple note, he reminded them that Lecrae may overlook and let it slide but he’s not Lecrae and as such, if you try to cross the boundaries, he’ll have no other option than to block you.

Below is the extensive post he wrote on his Facebook profile.

Being a Christian artiste, people just randomly feel like they can speak over your life, question you & tell you what to do & not do. I have people I subject to & regard as spiritual authority, not just any random person on the internet who thinks they know me or my walk with God.

This thing is simple, if you don’t believe in the ministry, do not listen, stay away from it but don’t come on my page to spill nonsense. I watched y’all for too many years bully Lecrae while acting like y’all cared about the man, Y’all really just wanted the man to turn away from Christ so y’all can say yes! We said it! He was a fake! 

While I’m trusting God to heal this anxiety attacks that comes to show its head in my life from time to time, I’ll protect myself from yalls venom with a block for now. I am not obligated to your ideologies of what you think my faith is supposed to be, my faith is my walk and work with God as principled by scriptures.

It used to be funny, now it’s just stupid finding out on the internet that I’m the Illuminati or I’m chasing fame. I’m trying to word this with as much love as possible but do you know how crazy the people who say these things sound to me.

Do you know how many times in my life I’ve sat in label board rooms or received calls from major labels saying how my sound is so unique & I could be the next big pop star if I changed my message? This year I turned down a brand endorsement in the millions, At a time when I really needed money, I did this cos while I was thinking it was a blessing & an answered prayer, The Holy Spirit told me not to.

Do you know all the times I sacrificed personal comfort to make this music & videos to minister to my generation. You think I’m chasing fame!!!

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