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I See Power Leaving The North; Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals in a Prophecy

I See Power Leaving The North Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals in a Prophecy

I See Power Leaving The North Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals in a Prophecy.

In an over two minutes video obtained from the Instagram handle of Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries, the man of God was seen to be giving prophetic utterances about the state of Nigeria, a country in the western part of Africa often referred to as the giant of Africa.

In the video clip which was a program held on the 30th of December, 2020 as stated by the man of God for posterity sake he reminded the congregation of how God told him about Goodluck Jonathan being the last PDP (People Democratic Party) and how God revealed to him after Jonathan the next person coming in will have no minister for six months, this prophecy was in the year 2012.

After that prophecy he received a lot of backlash from the public, questions came around if he was really educated; how can there be a president without ministers?

But after Jonathan, Major General Buhari came into power and for six months he had no minister. Confirm Here

In the same video, he’s seen saying that the number two will become number one and though there will be a heavy shaking in the country, there will not be a division, war nor bloodshed.

He furthermore advised those clamoring for 2023 as it is the year of Nigeria’s general election to pray that they see it.

At the end of the two minutes plus video clip, he made it known to the public that they can say all they can, insult him as much as they can but he has said what God told him.


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