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Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19 – Heaven Too Had A Virus

Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19 - Heaven Too Had A Virus

Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19 – Heaven Too Had A Virus

After the outbreak of Corona virus, Holy pilgrimage sites were shut down to avoid the spread of the virus, also sprinkling water in most churches were automatically stopped in same vein to stop the spread of the virus but one would wonder;

  • Since these things are considered holy, can they be contaminated with virus?
  • Are these holy sites not supposed to be able to contain these virus and cure the affected victims?

Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19 – Heaven Too Had A Virus? 

Well, here’s what Olakunle Churchill a lawyer and an adamant advocate of truth has to say concerning your worries about the Corona virus and Holy sites being shut down.

Heaven Too Had A “Virus”.

  • Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19.
  • Mecca is shut down.
  • Jerusalem is shut down.

It is very natural for people to ask cynically that if holy places are not immune to a virus, why should they be venerated or visited as holy places? If they are vulnerable to diseases, should they be properly called “holy”? Shouldn’t viruses die upon contact with holy places?

This type of questioning reveals our gross misunderstanding of God, Life and Faith because of the way most religions talk about them. For example, most Christians talk about God as a Fixer or a Healer. Someone who shows up after the fact and makes all problems disappear. In effect, God is the Celestial Mess-Cleaner. As much as this is somewhat true, it is also misleading. God is much more than that and he’d rather be less of that than more of it. I blame many Pentecostal churches for this misleading doctrine.

This boils down to whether God is reactive or proactive; whether he is preventive or curative. The truth is that God wants to prevent rather than cure. In fact, the point can be made that God wants to avoid having to cure anyone. He wants people to live healthy lives and gives them rules and laws to guide them.


Curation is nothing but damage control. God does not exist for damage control or crisis management. He is a Proactive not Reactive, Preventive not Curative Being.

Did Jesus heal or cure many people? Yes. But for each person Jesus healed there were thousands if not millions in the world he did not heal. During the time Jesus walked on this planet his miracles were restricted to Israel which at the time was under Roman Rule.

Jesus throughout his sojourn on Earth never visited Asia, Africa (except he was taken to Egypt as a baby), Europe, Antarctica, America etc. Hence, as Jesus was traversing the dusty plains of Israel opening blind eyes, curing epilepsy, curing blood overflow, curing fever and all manner of diseases and viruses, our forefathers and foremothers in Africa, Europe, Asia etc were dying and being buried because of the same illnesses and diseases. Even in Israel Jesus did not heal everybody. He didn’t cure every headache or fever or flu. God in flesh did not heal all of flesh. But why?

God’s plan is for all flesh to be healthy and not to seek healing. You can be healed from a particular disease or condition and yet remain unhealthy. Many of us do not need physical or medical healing today but that doesn’t mean we are healthy. Millions of people are dying slowly and silently without knowing it because millions are not healthy. God is the God of Health and not just of Healing.

I said in one of my recent posts that God gave ancient Israelites a long list of FORBIDDEN ANIMAL FOODS. He calls them “unclean”. And I surmised that one of the reasons they were “unclean” was because they were unhealthy.

If you look at all the Coronavirus-carrying animals today, all of them without exception were forbidden for Israel. All of them!

  • Bats – believed to carry the COVID-19 was forbidden for consumption by God.
  • Cats – believed to carry the SARS virus was forbidden for consumption by God.
  • Camels – believed to carry the MERS virus was forbidden for consumption by God. Etc.
Holy sites are being shut down because of COVID-19 - Heaven Too Had A Virus
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It is not an accident that these dangerous virus-carrying animals were off God’s menu list. God knew something the Israelites didn’t know. But more importantly, God wanted them to be healthy and stay healthy. He didn’t want to have to cure anyone. He sought prevention, not curation.

Have you noticed that no fruit-bearing tree was forbidden for consumption for the Israelites? That’s because fruits carry properties and chemical agents that build the body immune systems. They are antibodies. They help build your immune systems and fight bacteria and viruses.

When we observe a disciplined and healthy lifestyle we live longer and healthier. But more importantly we ward off dangerous bacteria and viruses. But if we disregard healthy diets and consume anything and everything as they do in China, even the so-called Holy Places will not be able to save us. Rather they’d be defiled and infected. Even heaven, the holiest of all, had its own “virus” and it was promptly flushed out together with all it had infected.

You cannot drink poison and run into an holy place for healing. You will die. If you give the same poison to worshipers in the same holy place they too will share your fate.

God operates on principles. He established this world on principles. Obedience to those principles is far better than sacrifice.




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