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GUC – Talent Is Not Enough To Make You A Music Minister

GUC - Talent Is Not Enough To Make You A Music Minister

GUC – Talent Is Not Enough To Make You A Music Minister

Today we have so many talented people into the music industry writing songs, singing with melodious voices, energy, vigor, passion and lot more but the question is, will only talent make you become a music minister?

Note that the question is appropriated to music ministers, if you just want to do music for fun, entertain once in a while then this is not for you.

If you so desire to minister unto God and the lives of men through music then this is essentially for you.

Below is a quick note from the DESPERATE & ALL THAT MATTERS crooner GUC answering the question if talent is enough to make you a music minister.


It is not just your talent that makes you a music minister.

It is your consistent fellowship with the Holy ghost and the word of God.

“Music is just a tool”!

You are first a Christian before anything else..

So what do Christians do?

  • They pray
  • They study the word of God, they sow
  • They are grounded in character
  • They are intertwined with the holy ghost and burdened with the desire for more souls into God’s kingdom.

When you come to these understanding, things will be different with you.

You won’t rush out of the actual timing of God, you will commit to the lord until it is your time to happen.

Men will speak of your fame in your absence and yearn to have you in their midst.

Knowing who you are is the greatest tool to realizing purpose, when you get to understand this, your music, lifestyle and influence will be different and impactful .

People will listen to you and wow over the depth you carry; that is because you have a foreground knowledge of who you are and you know the rudiments of ministry as it where.

Henry Samson

Blogger, lyric video editor and a music addict. The desire to see good music, videos and good contents in general circulated everywhere led to the creation of this blog. He's currently the head administrator of this blog.

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