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Gospel Music Minister Edwin Melody Miraculously Escapes Being Killed After Three Days of Abduction and Torture


Gospel Music Minister Edwin Melody Miraculously Escapes Being Killed After Three Days of Abduction and Torture

Gospel music minister and song writer miraculously escaped being killed after being abducted and tortured for three days.

Edwin Melody shared this encounter via his Facebook timeline.

He was at the Omega Fire Ministries Holy Ghost convention and was one of the ministers at the grand finale.

On his way from Auchi where the church is located, he was abducted alongside others by armed Fulani herdsmen.

During the abduction, his car was severely damaged and he was kept with them and tortured for three days.

Thirteen persons were beheaded in his presence with a cutlass even after the abductors got a ransom for their release.

On getting to his turn, he was asked for the phone number of a close relative so they could negotiate for his release.

He gave them Apostle Johnson Suleman’s number.

On realizing that it was Suleman’s number, they refused to call but started hurling insult at him until they later summoned the courage to call.


Instead of discussing release ransom, they continued with the insult via calls and warning him to stay away from their business.

As shared on Facebook, as the insult continued on the phone, the apostle told them that for insulting him, they will be impotent for life, and at that moment they ended the call.

They started discussing within themselves to call him back when one of the abductors raised the alarm that he tried to test his manhood but it was stiff which caused them to be aggrieved and transferred the aggression unto him, beating him mercilessly.


His life being preserved was as a function of grace and the mercies of God, in his words, he said

“When they escorted me to the road to take a bus, the leader told me that my juju dey work ooh, I saw hell in these 3 days, stared at death in the face but still came out alive, all the times I was there, I didn’t pray for deliverance from the evil people, I was praying for God to accept my soul when I die cos I was certain I would die.

Ever since his release and being at the hospital, he has received support in terms of call, texts and finances for treatment from friends, family fans, apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries and Pastor Charles Osazuwa of the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly International.

Glory to God for sparing the life of Edwin and to the families of those killed, may God grant them comfort to bear the loss.

Some of the terrible encounter he had with these Fulani herdsmen as shared by Edwin Melody can be seen below;


A woman whose husband & 2 kids were adopted, the was husband shot dead the night of their adoption by the herdsmen because he tried to fight for his wife and daughters.

A well educated English speaking man who was also speaking Hausa came there and demanded for 2 little kids.

Immediately they asked for the woman’s two daughters to be brought, one who’s a breastfeeding baby of about 6 to 8months and the other who was about 2yrs, the leader of the group used a dagger on both babies, divided their bodies in small small parts like meat and put in a baco bag, d man asked for the bag to be doubled and d guy reminded him that each bag is 1k and he gave them 5k for 5bags so blood doesn’t drip from the bag while he’s going, the mom immediately fainted.

Another was a girl who paid 3.3 million naira as ransom, immediately they collected her ransom, they came to the camp and ask she get ready to be set free, while she was looking for slippers, another guy from behind, chopped off her head and cut her parts and dey all spitted on her.

I saw death with my eyes but God decided to keep a small boy like me, I saw death stared at me but didn’t come close.

Gospel Music Minister Edwin Melody Miraculously Escapes Being Killed After Three Days of Abduction and Torture

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