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Exclusive: Justman Ebere Officially Calls It Over With North Hill Music

Exclusive: Justman Ebere Officially Calls It Over With North Hill Music.

Exclusive: Justman Ebere Officially Calls It Over With North Hill Music.

Not quite long, what seems to be rumor started circulating around the web space speculating that the FIRE and GIVE crooner Justman Ebere has exited the music label North Hill Music headed by Marv C also known by his signature music chef a music Producer in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This is not the first occurrence as the label which houses Eva Praise, Justman Ebere who just exited and Michael Rich the Werelo crooner who also exited the group not quite long ago because of almost similar reasons.

While speaking with Justman Ebere to confirm his exit from the label, he confirmed that he’s no longer with the label again.

It can be recalled that the last time Justman released a song while under the label till his exit was November 2019 which was just a song while Michael Rich while still with the label before his exit from 2019 released just two or three songs but it can be noted that the last member of the label Eva Praise consistently 4 songs in just 2019 and 2 songs already in 2020 making it a total of 6 songs.

It can also be recalled that Eva Praise got a video for one of her song aside that of Idi Ebube but neither Michael nor Justman got even a studio video shoot.

It became a thing of discomfort to Justman probably after the exit of Michael Rich on why a said label will focus attention on just one artist while neglecting the other?

Exclusive: Justman Ebere Officially Calls It Over With North Hill Music.

You’re Reading The Exclusive: Justman Ebere Officially Calls It Over With North Hill Music

According to Justman, since his last release, June is making it 8 months and there is no plan for him yet. He had to sit back and examine himself if he’s growing or declining and after a thorough examination, he went to see his boss (Marv C) whom he asked what his plans were for him and no good answer was gotten. Not receiving an answer he asked to be out of the label which would have prompted Marv C to ask why and know his reasons but instead he got angry and asked Justman three questions of which we got only two which are;

  1. Have you been signed by another label?
  2. Have you not benefitted from me?

Speaking further with Justman revealed that there was no signed agreement between both parties as it happened in the case of Micheal Rich & again it is clearly evident that the label had no structured calendar for the release and promotion of its artist creative contents.

It can also be seen as a monopolized label as the Facebook and Instagram page and support dedicated to the label carries 80% of only Eva Praise contents with less than 20% of Justman content ever since the exit of Michael Rich.

Ending the discussion with us, he expressed his shock on how Doris Francis another artist in Port Harcourt called him to ask if he’s truly out of the label because as at then it was just between himself, Marv C and Eva Praise but he assured us that though he’s out of the label, he’s still in good terms with Marv C and Eva Praise, no discord nor enmity between them and he reassured that he’ll be coming soon after planning with the help of God.

He used the medium to send a shout out to all who have been supportive and asking them to keep supporting him even as he comes as an independent artist.

This should serve as an eye opener to young artists looking for label signings without proper understanding of how things work.

Keep in touch as we’ll keep you updated if need be but for the now enjoy Fire by Justman Ebere.


Download Fire by Justman Ebere here

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