Exclusive Interview: Jane Kanayo Talks Acting & Dancing

Exclusive Interview: Jane Kanayo Talks Acting & Dancing

Exclusive Interview: Jane Kanayo Talks Acting & Dancing.

It was during one of the numerous scrolls on social media platform “Instagram” that one of the staff of Unik Empire Media House saw a skit that was shared by another user not even the content creator. It was so interesting and creative.

Being a media house with the gospel according to arts and talents, we went in search of the creator and decided to have a discussion with her to talk about her art and talent.

Before we delve into the interview, watch the video that caught our attention below;


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Welcome to Unik Empire Media House virtual interview, can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

Thank you, my name is Jane Kanayo, I’m from Oshimili Local Government Area in Delta State. I graduated from Covenant University in 2019, studied mass communication. I am the third child from the family of four. I’m an Actor and Dancer. These are gifts I would say are ways I use to express myself.

Great, can you tell us a little about your experience growing up?

My experience growing up was full of different activities and emotions all together actually. I faced the good, bad and the ugly but I count them as all part of life. My family and i went through some challenges here and there but God has been really faithful and I am really grateful for every smile, tears and laughter. They have really molded me positively to the kind of person I am today.

Exclusive Interview: Jane Kanayo Talks Acting & Dancing

It’s beautiful that you took them to shape your life instead of tearing you down. To your area of gifting, tell us how it all started; the acting & dancing.

I started dancing since I was in primary school, at age 9. I started by participating in cultural dances, choreography presentations and the likes. Even when I entered senior secondary school, I always performed with my classmates and seniors at the year’s valedictory service. I also performed in some of our school’s stage drama and class parties. It all started building from there.

I got admission into the university in 2015, I joined the Covenant University Theatre Group in my 200 level and my passion skyrocketed from there. We always performed in our chapel services, and had our drama night annually. I was always amongst the leading characters. Plus there was always something we called the “opening dance” and during my tenure as Public Relations Officer, I taught them choreographies. I also attended some dance classes held by professional dancers in the school that year. That was how I joggled both acting and dancing.

How were you able to balance these theater activities with the educational calendars and what were some of the challenges you faced?

Trust me when i say it was not easy but God proved himself every single time. There were times were I needed to be available for rehearsal in the chapel for our drama night by 5am and I had projects to work on that needed to be submitted the next day. So at different times I had to sacrifice my nights for my assignments and course projects.

Another thing that helped me was the passion for theatre activities. They are a part of me and I always enjoy doing them, so it was easy somewhat to deliver.


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What are some of the major projects you’ve featured on in & outside school?

The first one would be in 2014, I was featured in a gospel artist’s music video, his name is Baba Erujeje.

In school, our annual drama night is one of our major projects. I featured in all of them from my 200 level till my final year. Also in my final year, I produced and directed a short film on depression, titled “who killed halima?” which I haven’t publish online yet.

I have ministered in dance at concerts both inside and outside my church. I got featured in Kaytez’s Thank You music video featuring Mowa March this year (2020). Last year  2019, I was featured in Judikay’s More Than Gold music video, and also performed at the SME 100 Africa 25 under 25 awards.

That’s a huge feat, so do you belong to a group or you’re a solo performer/dancer?

For dance, I’m a solo dancer but for the acting, I belong to a creative group called “IMPRESSIONSwhich I joined 2019, we are a body of actors, cinematographers, scriptwriters and poets, we come together to produce contents like skits, poems and spoken word.

Exclusive Interview: Jane Kanayo Talks Acting & Dancing

Great. So what are the plans towards the career and what project are you currently working?

Currently the IMPRESSIONS and I are working on a mini project. The project talks about being enough and staying true to yourself, coupled with some other skits and videos that we would be shooting immediately after the lockdown is finally over. We are still scripting.

Personally for me I’m working on an online dance class, it is going to start anytime soon. Generally, there would be lots of skits and dance videos dropping online. I see that people enjoy that a lot.

Great so how would fans who’d be look forward to the skits, videos & online dance classes connect?

It would be via WhatsApp and Instagram. Announcements have been made towards that already on the schedule.

So before calling this over, what is your word of advice to young people out there?

Please don’t give up on yourself because God never gives up on you. Keep working on yourself to get better, aspire to be more than what you already are, your hard work will pay off in no time. Keep going!

That’s quite some great words there. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the top.

Thank you for having me.

Before you go, here are 5 facts you probably don’t know about Jane Kanayo

  1. If she was to choose between acting and dancing she honestly wouldn’t know which to choose.
  2. She’s a very social person but she’d rather stay home and Netflix than hangout.
  3. She really love mangoes.
  4. She can be very shy and reserved.
  5. She’s sister to Judikay the more than gold crooner signed to Eezee Conceptz.

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