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Exclusive Gist: How I Married My Pastor – Tonia Omoh

How I Married My Pastor - Tonia Omoh

How I Married My Pastor – Tonia Omoh.

Tonia Omoh the gospel music sensation renowned for her vocal dexterity, jazzy flip, rich sound and versatility dropped her debut Album titled ”Appointed Time“ but it’s still unanswered if the Appointed Time album came at the appointed time, we’ll find out.

The anointed singer who hails from Benue state and officially started her music career in the year 1998 released her debut single in the year 2007 and since then have had a total of 4 singles to her credit . Talking about her debut album which she just released, she revealed that timing is everything, matters most in the affairs of life and that nothing narrates the story better than the “Appointed Time”

The project which is 10 tracked, is an album for everybody and it’s loaded with musical versatility, depth, intensity and it is also a blend of church meets street for the satisfaction of your every musical craving.

Tonia Omoh who is a highly sought after music minister is also a pastor, photographer and an entrepreneur specially anointed and graced with an exclusive homomgeneity both on stage and in the studios .

She is happily married to her hearthrob and blessed with Children.



When did the whole music thing get started?

The whole music thing started from the choir, I was a girl who loves music so much that around 1998 I joined my church choir, then 2000 I joined a band which I stayed in till 2004, after leaving the band I started doing the background vocals for recording artistes till 2006 before 2007 that I recorded my debut single. But from all the movements I was still in the choir.

How was it when you launched your professional music career?

I was basically into the Ariaria (local high life) kind of music, those from the south south of Nigeria and some remote towns in Nigeria will understand this better because it’s particularly prominent amongst them but then in 2004 between when I left the band and started the background vocals, I met Pastor (Apostle) Charles Omoh who helped in building my type of music into one that’s not limited to a geographical location but can be exported as well.

How I Married My Pastor - Tonia Omoh

Apostle Charles Omoh, you both bare Omoh, does that mean he’s your husband or just a coincidence in the names?

(Laughs) There’s no coincidence here, he is my husband. I was born Tonia Peter and I bare that name till 2009 until 2010 that God had his way and I tied the nuptial knot with my husband who happens to be Apostle Charles so after the marriage was when I changed the name and rebranded to become Tonia Omoh.

What actually influenced naming the album APPOINTED TIME?

It was Holy spirit inspired, it was straight out of the womb of the spirit. There was no better title that best narrate the story so far so “Appointed Time” is the most appropriate title for this project because it explains the story of my musical career so far.


So apart from music, what else do you do?

Aside music, I am a professional photographer, an entrepreneur and a pastor at the Plus Carriers Int’l Ministry which my husband and I is overseeing.

Thank you for taking out time to have this chat with us.

You’re welcome.



So I took a walk down memory lane to 2007 when she released her first single till 2020 when her first album was released. There was a huge difference in the growth rate, the album experienced a lot of positive feedback and acceptance from her fans.

Tonia who has grown to be a household name in the music mindustry and having her songs in the lips of many, was able to rank well on BoomPlay the leading music streaming and download platform service in Africa.

On seeing those eyes popping numbers on the album within few days of release I was forced to ask what sort of promotional strategy she engaged in and she told me that aside from blog distribution she can’t really tell what other thing she did.

With that, I concluded that the album is truly staying up to its title “Appointed Time”.

This conclusion brings to memory an often quoted scripture; You shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion; for it is time to have mercy upon her, for the appointed time has come. – (Psalms 102:13 LOGOS)



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