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#EndSARS: Any System That Has No Value For Lives Is Irrelevant – Bishop David Oyedepo

Any System That Has No Value For Lives Is Irrelevant

Any System That Has No Value For Lives Is Irrelevant

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (End SARS) or #EndSARS is a social movement in Nigeria that started on Twitter, calling for banning of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit of the Nigerian Police Force, a controversial division known for police oppression and brutality. The protests started as a social media campaign using the hashtag #ENDSARS to demand for the Nigerian Government to end the deployment of SARS. Within a weekend (9–11 October 2020), the #ENDSARS hashtag had up to 28 million tweets. Nigerians have shared both stories and video evidence of how members of SARS engaged in kidnapping, fail to wear face coverings, murder, theft, rape, torture, unlawful arrests, humiliation, unlawful detention, extrajudicial killings, and extortion in Nigeria.

President and founder of Living Faith Church one of the largest church with mega branches in Nigeria and overseas Bishop David Oyedepo has spoken yet again but this time about the ongoing #EndSARS protest in Nigeria.

In a video from one of the services held at Cannanland the 50,000 seater capacity auditorium, the Bishop said protest was legitimate and describing the operation crocodile smile which the Nigerian Army is planning to launch as a sacrilege owning to the fact that protesters are not ravaging, looting and unarmed.

Below is the video and transcript of the Bishop.

Every man has a right, legitimately so to express their displeasure and pains. Everybody has.

I kept quiet for a while because in 2015 I warned this nation vehemently, consistently because I saw the dangers ahead, you can tell.

The most gruesome season in the history of this nation is the last 5 years where life has no value. Wanton killing here and there. Now they have faced the youths and because they don’t know who is next they have the right to say enough is enough. Enough is enough!

Any system that has no value for human lives is irrelevant. If they were killed when they were youths would they be where they are today?

And now, it will be a sacrilege to shoot the protesters who are not looting, who are not ravaging.

I’ve been one of the few voices in the last 5 years.


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