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Don’t Just Ask God For A God Fearing Man, Add Some Toppings & Spice

Don't Just Ask God For A God Fearing Man, Add Some Toppings & Spice

Don’t Just Ask God For A God Fearing Man, Add Some Toppings & Spice

Hilda, wife of Writer, counselor and relationship & marriage coach Allison Hyacintho who help singles lead healthy Christian relationships in the way that God has intended for it to be has shared with ladies believing God for marriage the toppings and spice they can ask of while waiting for the God fearing man coming their way.

Not for ladies alone, gents while you are being God fearing, there are some spices you should have otherwise you may marry someone daughter and kill her with your spiricoco attitude. Let’s get into it.

Dear aunty, let me leave this with you before you sleep.

You see that God fearing man you say you want? Please the next time you are making that confession kindly add some ‘toppings’.

Some God fearing men don’t know the meaning of romance, the few men that know the meaning of romance lack the knowledge of how to express it, the other godly men that know how to express romance are struggling with the eagerness and prompts to express it in marriage without holding back. See, I am saying this with my eye ball out like guuuulp!!!

Some don’t like plenty sex, some others even try to have a time table for sex with their wife.

Add toppings to your confessions my darling, sweet sweet toppings. Don’t leave it at God fearing alone, some of them have so feared God that they think kissing their wives too much is a SIN. Some feel sleeping regularly with their wives is lust of flesh.

They cannot ballance loving a wife and loving God at the same time with the same pace.

The only thing that makes them active is ‘let us pray’.

Add toppings please, spice your confessions to taste. God fearing that can see a beautiful dress at the mall and buy two for me.

God fearing that can buy me sexy lingeries to keep his fire burning.

God fearing that can pray well and ‘do’ well. God fearing that can heal the sick and romantically heal my emotions.

Not the God fearing that will lock the bathroom door each time He wants to take his bath because he feels sharing his naked body with you is carnal.

Not the God fearing that cannot peck you on Sunday because God rested, I mean the God fearing that can do bedmatics adventure with you on sunday morning as the spirit leads.

Before you will go and meet the God fearing that will sing “up up Jesus, down down satan” for you in the name of Love song, please add toppings.

God’s will is for you to marry a man who fears and loves Him with all his heart and soul, but you are permitted to add virtuous toppings to your own portion of God’s will.

My sisters, I hope you are hearing me?

In response to what his wife has posted, Allison Hyacintho shared the post to his own Facebook page with the caption below;

My wife is a FULL PACKAGE! I am so proud of her teaching what she consistently practices and enjoys.

(Singing in GUC’s voice;)

I put her in front,

in front of the kitchen table,

you will hear the matter,

you will hear the matter.

I’ll make room for two,

you and I in the bathroom,

you will hear the matter,

you will hear the matter,

Make you scream owehhhhhh!!!!

when you hear the matter,

you will shout halleeeeee!!!

When you hear the matter.

After we are done we walk out like lions and heal the sick!

This is beyond marriage people!!


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