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Doktor Santi – What makes a quality vocal recording?

What makes a quality vocal recording - Doktor Santi

What makes a quality vocal recording – Doktor Santi

Everyone loves good music and the recording booth is one of the place where the good music is being birthed. What happens in the recording booth can qualify your song to be termed as good or bad, but what will make your vocal recording to be termed as a quality one?

Doktor Santi a Mix Engineer, Music Producer at 17-17 studio summarises four critical points on what makes a quality vocal recording.

Below are the four summed up points;

  1. Quality of the vocal performance (skills of the singer or rapper, delivery, articulation, diction, breath control, emotion, etc)
  2. Quality of the recording space (no background noise, no room reflections, etc)
  3. Quality of the recording equipment (microphone, preamp, sound card, computer software, etc)
  4. Quality of the recording engineer (the skill & experience required to bring the best out of the first 3 factors listed above)

You can connect with Doktor Santi and book a session with him on Facebook for more information about this and also if you are interested in learning mixing and mastering of music, he’s one of the best shots in the business, you can also book sessions for that class on Facebook too.


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