Deaf ears getting opened at the manifestation of God’s power with Mr Wealth

Deaf ears getting opened at the manifestation of God's power with Mr Wealth

For a while now, Bethel Music and Team Rem leader Mr Wealth has been offline for a retreat to rekindle the fire on the altar of prayers, fasting, studying and seeking God’s face. Today being the 15th day of November 2019, he’s back online on Facebook and he shared an encounter of the taste of the manifestation of God’s power as he and other people stormed a deaf and dumb school to proclaim the love of Jesus, deaf ears popped open. Read the encounter as shared by Mr Wealth below and read some words that will set your heart burning and ablaze for the supernatural.



(An account of Mr.wealth at the first Project bethel healing spree on 15th Nov. in the school of DEAF & DUMB)

Jesus indeed is Glorified.

After my retreat I decided to go do practicals to test my FIRE-METER and off course preach and demonstrate the love of Jesus at the school of DEAF AND DUMB with Team Project Bethel (A group of people I mentor, though not all joined me only ONE) and I went also with my friend Evangelist Chinedu. The decision wasn’t easy, the nagging fear of Failure was too much. After my retreat I spoke with my Pastor Papa Franklin Okwudili Ojukwunze and Papa Apostle Lawal Suleiman about it and I was encouraged to go on with it, they blessed and imparted me and rounded off my retreat for me.

In the past 21 days God had really challenged my status quo, I really was tired of this 21st century type of Christianity, I was ready to contend for more, the supernatural, I contended and out of Gods mercy I now have it in manifestation.

We preached the love of Jesus to them with the help of an interpreter communicating with a sign language, and asked them how many of them would love to speak and hear.?

Out of about 27 people only two indicated interest. I was sha disappointed.

We called them out and started praying for them.

As we prayed, the spirit in one started manifesting, but the one I was praying for was calm (in my mind I was like oh! Lord I have enter trouble , let this spirit manifest na) I saw the way my friend Evan. Chinedu was dealing with the other demon of deaf and dumbness Kai! My fire increased.

I continued commanding the demon out, I saw in the spirit that it was as though she left her body the Holy spirit told me to test her hearing that the deaf spirit was gone, I did and she could hear with one ear, you can see it in the video where I was communicating with the interpreter. The girl I was praying for wasn’t speaking yet, but her ear was under the touch of the Holy Ghost Ah! I was encouraged.

I pressed in further and finally her two ears popped open well.

She was able to hear clearly (though the person on camera didnt capture the section I was testing her hearing so sad about that).

We were given 20min and thus we were really pressed for time. The other deaf and dumb was under power and the demon was seriously manifesting, our interpreter had stepped out for safety, haha, he could pick sounds, but we didn’t have time to finish off with him.

But we left there with the deaf ear popped open, she was hearing things clearly now. Even while we left I had to talk with her to make sure she could hear me clearly. And Glory to God she could hear now, the smile and joy on her face was priceless. (Though still not captured on cam. For low memory sake, but it was just as was said, you could check the pictures where I was testing her hearing by clapping by her both ears). We gave them books, preached Jesus to them, and out of two persons that indicated interest to be prayed for one of them her ears popped open.

We are not done with them, we are planning to go back there, this time we will have all the time, we will put up a concert and minister properly to them without haste for time.

This is a major break through for me. Am thankful for the ears that popped open but more to that am thankful to Jesus for the Grace and boldness to step out. I saw results and am full of Joy, now I understand the Joy the disciples experienced when Jesus sent them out to heal the sick.

I really am tired of normal Christianity. A Christianity full of Rhema but no manifestation of the supernatural, am tired of a Christianity Full of activities, am tired of Christianity locked up in Church, I am tired of Christianity where we drag platforms I have had my last days with it. The real platform is out there. It is in your streets where there are sick people, it is in the school of deaf and dumb let’s go there and pour all the plenty FIRE and anointing we claim we have, it is in the psychiatric hospitals, it is in the Hospitals, let’s go all out and pour this fire there.

Am tired of seeing people fall and break chairs but won’t stand up to break records for God. Am tired of seeing us celebrate falling experiences we must contend for more and stop this carnality as said before am tired of normal Christianity.

The last 21days of retreat. Something happened to me. Mr.wealth is a changed man. A more intentional christian. Am not the same person I used to be. I have repented from the sin of irresponsibility, the sin that makes a believer pass the sick bye, see the blind, deaf and dumb and pass them bye. This was the sin I repented from.

I have made it a must for me, once a week I must step out and convert at least 3 souls, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed by Gods power in me. Don’t worry I will post them here on Facebook.

Am hopping that by this, God may start a Revival, where we all become intentional Christians so much so that the only news that will trend on social media is the news of healings, deliverances and revival.

Am not satisfied yet.

Popping a deaf ear opened is not enough for me.

Am not there yet please don’t make me feel like I am, my master Jesus won’t waste a minute with those deaf spirits but it took us 20minutes to get one hearing, and maybe it would have taken more time to get the other one hearing but we are certain he would have heard, for the deaf spirit was in manifestation. It could hear us and talk back to us.

Howbeit the Good news is that am still pressing, soon it won’t take a seconds to pop deaf ears open, we will do it like Jesus would do it, what about you, are YOU PRESSING?

Or you are still enjoying this normal Christianity of Going to church every week but no power to show forth?

Brethren I heard there is more.

If there is at all

Then let’s press.

I am Mr.wealth I am he who followeth the lamb withersoever he goeth.

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