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Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop David Oyedepo Over Insultive Video Made Years Ago

David Ibiyeomi Replies Daddy Freeze For Insulting Bishop, Reno Omokri Replies

Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop David Oyedepo Over Insultive Video Made Years Ago

The tussle between Daddy Freeze and Pastor David Ibiyeomie which has involved the likes of Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Reno Omokri (Former aide to president Goodluck Jonathan) has witnessed a new turn as Daddy Freeze has apologized to Bishop David Oyedepo whom he insulted.

The video which was currently circulated which shows Daddy Freeze using ill mannered words against the Bishop was actually not a recent video but was made about two to three years ago.

After the outburst of Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Dr. Paul Enenche, Pastor Reno Omokri in the morning of September 12th 2020, made a video explaining how Daddy Freeze should be handled and treated by Christians. The transcript of the video can be seen below;

Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop David Oyedepo Over Insultive Video Made Years Ago
Pastor Reno Omokri On Pilgrimage

With all the circumstances surrounding Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze, a number of people have raised some observations, they have talked about my friendship with him and Apostle Suleman’s friendship with him and it’s just become imperative that I have to speak out now.

When the issue came up with Bishop Oyedepo and the video of Pastor Ibiyeomie came up, a number of you would have seen what I said. I came out strongly and boldly and I defended Bishop Oyedepo, although I am acquainted to Daddy Freeze.

As far as I am concerned, Bishop Oyedepo is a genuine Man of God and that even if you do not believe he is a Man of God, which you should, why not respect him for the things he has achieved?

Look at the phenomenal things that he’s achieved. It’s very hard to think that one would be able to achieve these things without the backing of God. So, I advised him (Daddy Freeze) that if there is any Man of God that I respect in Nigeria, if I have to name the Men of God, Bishop Oyedepo will feature in that place. And I did counsel Pastor Ibiyeomie that, if you look at 1st Peter 21-23, it talks about how our Lord and Saviour, when he was insulted, He did not insult back. So, I just gave that friendly advice.

To most people who do not understand Apostle Suleman’s relationship with Daddy Freeze which I brought about and my relationship with Daddy Freeze, this video is for you:

“I’ve never met Daddy Freeze in person and Apostle Suleiman as well has never met Daddy Freeze in person.

What happened is that some times at the end of 2017, Daddy Freeze had been causing a lot of controversies and I reached out to him, because, if you read Acts chapter 18 verse 26, you will see that there was a gentleman by name Apollos and Apollos is a man who scriptures described as mild in scripture but he had only zeal, he didn’t have accurate knowledge.

So, after he spoke in the synagogue, Acts 18, 26, Priscilla and Aquila took him and explained the way of God more accurately to him. And I felt to myself that Daddy Freeze is a broadcaster, he has a very large platform and if I don’t do that with him, he is in a position whereby he can lead a lot of people astray inadvertently thinking that he is doing good and so, I tried to be a restraining influence with him.

And, once he spoke very harshly and wrong about Apostle Suleman and Apostle Suleman was going to respond and I called Apostle Suleman and said, I know the young man, let me put you in contact with him so that you can advise and temper him, so I put them in contact. Apostle Suleman has never met him in person, it’s only by phone.

Now, here is the thing. I became acquainted with him at the end of 2017 and Apostle Suleman with him in 2018. Since that time, the young man has stopped attacking pastors. The young man has stopped abusing pastors. The video that you guys saw where he was saying all those uncouth words about Bishop Oyedepo, that was three years ago; before he met me and before he met Apostle Suleman and before we put him more accurately in scriptures.

Because, there is one thing about Apostle Suleman and I, we are brothers and we have a lot in common, one of which is that we study scriptures in the original languages; in Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew and so, we put him through and we told him you can’t be doing this.

Don’t take my word for it, search through Daddy Freeze’s videos; you’ll see that from the end of December 2017 till now, he stopped abusing pastors! Yes, he talks about signs but he stopped abusing pastors and that’s because of the influence that Apostle Suleiman, mostly, and I have had on him.

If you noticed, for the past one year, I’ve been going round the world, touring biblical structures, going on pilgrimages, I devoted my life to do that and also to pursue the Leah Sharibu movement and then, we’ve been doing this, working on the young man.

I am going to ask him to apologise to Bishop Oyedepo; I’ve already told him to do so and I am going to ask him to do so again but let’s not abandon this young man, let’s not curse him. Bring him into the way of God more accurately.”

David Ibiyeomi Replies Daddy Freeze For Insulting Bishop, Reno Omokri Replies

On the evening of that same day, September 12th 2020, the former presidential aide and pastor posted on his socials that Daddy Freeze has apologized as seen below;

As I promised in my video this morning, Ifedayo Olarinde, AKA Daddy Freeze, has now apologised to Bishop Oyedepo over his comments of 3 years ago. He recognised his error and sought forgiveness. Scripture says if a brother sins and seeks forgiveness, forgive him 70 times 7 times! I must stress that that video was done 3 years ago. The man has changed. It took great courage for him to do what he has now done, and for the sake of peace and unity in the body of Christ, I urge all those who have had an issue with him to love like Christ. I also call on David Ibiyeomie to withdraw the threats he made against Daddy Freeze, and apologise to his mother, Professor Elisabetha Smaranda Olarinde, because by using the words he used on Daddy Freeze, he also insulted his mother, who was completely innocent in this whole matter. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop David Oyedepo Over Insultive Video Made Years Ago

Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to make a one minute thirty seconds video where he apologized for the delivery of the message and for any insult against Bishop David Oyedepo saying he has no intention of dishonouring, disregarding or disrespecting the person of Bishop David Oyedepo stating that his method of confronting doctrinal issues has since evolved to a more scriptural and less confrontational approach.

Regardless of this, he’s still passionate about his quest to address what he believes are unresolved doctrinal issues but from a more amiable perspective.


Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Bishop David Oyedepo Over Insultive Video Made Years Ago

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