Dabo Williams Revealed How He Got To Perform At RockFest

Dabo Williams Revealed How He Got To Perform At RockFest

Dabo Williams Revealed How He Got To Perform At RockFest

Consistent and buzzing afro pop gospel artist has shared how he got to perform at RockFest organised by Ada Ehi and the Free Nation Inc.

The event was held on the 10th of December 2021 at Muri Okunola Park located at Victoria Island in Lagos State.

At the event, it was seen that Dabo Williams who was not one of the billed artist for the event got to perform his song MAFO. After the event, the artist took to his Facebook profile to share how he got the stage. Below is the post as seen on his Facebook timeline.

Lemme tell you a story of How i got on RockFest!!!

More like a testimony or something i have been praying one day we will be able to do for eachother in this industry…….

Some weeks back Oba Reengy messaged me and asked about my Plan for 10th of this month, i Actually Tot He was asking about my Coming Concert ( Which by The way has been Postponed till Next Year for Proper Plan) …..

Then he said he would like me to Share his 6Mins Slot Time on RockFest with me…..

At first i was shocked, cuz no be something i would ever imagine…..

I kept cool and again, i tot he wanted us to Perform one of our Collabo ( Aboja i was guessing) but he said No, He would like me to perform My Song “MAFO”…. I was shocked more than Nepa Light.

Like for real, i tot to myself…..

So Short Story Long….. Oba Reengy Shared His 6Mins Time Slot With Me to Perform “Mafo”……

I am not ashamed to let y’all know how I got on RockFest Stage and the Kind Act that was showned towards me by Oba Reengy

I am and was happy, not only for the Stage but for the Act!!!

I hope without speaking Much you can get the message from this story!!!

Thank You Oba Reeng Again!!!

Jesus is The Cause and The Message!!!

Dabo Williams Revealed How He Got To Perform At RockFest

The post caught a lot of attention and also made Oba Reengy got a lot of love, thanks and admiration from his fans and fans of Dabo Williams.

Taking to his timeline, TGoD DaFlemSpitha another amazing artist who was at the event shared how he felt when he saw Dabo on stage and recounted how he’s been helped by Dabo Williams.

Below is his epistle on how Dabo helped him in the recording, production of his songs and how he felt seeing him up stage.

It’s what goes around that comes around, when you show people love you might not get it back from the very people you showed love to but love would always come back to you in a greater measure because the harvests is always bigger and more than the seed.

When I saw Dabo Williams on stage at Rock Fest yesterday I thought Oba Reengy wants them to do their hit song #Aboja together but as Dabo began to do #Mafo I couldn’t hold back the joy in my heart, I was smiling and saying this guy na ojoro oo, what happened? I was happy to see that love has pursued and found my guy

Dabo has been showing me love from day one mehn and it would interest you to know that the last 2 songs I dropped


 2. UR LOVE (Which is still trending now) were all singlehandedly sponsored by Dabo, from studio time to Graphics and logistics etc. He believes so much in my craft and wants me to see me rise too so it’s no coincidence I was happy but I wasn’t surprised cos I knew this guy was reaping his act of kindness.

This is the way of the kingdom fam, I 

This is the Urban Afro gospel music community of my dreams. A community where we would be in support of each other without feeling threatened by the rising of another, where it’ll be more of Jesus and less of ourselves. My hat’s Off Guys, Reengy you nailed it, thank you for yielding to the spirit of God baba.

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