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Cyude – Beyond Sports (A Peep Into The Manchester United Logo & Nickname)

Cyude - Beyond Sports (A Peep Into The Manchester United Logo & Nickname)

Cyude – Beyond Sports (A Peep Into The Manchester United Logo & Nickname)

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football History.

One thing is very uncommon about the club; that is the nickname given to the club. It reads: THE RED DEVILS. Before the name Red Devils was given to the club, they bore the name called “THE HEATHENS” and the literal meaning of the word is “ONE WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD“. Shocking isn’t it? Then in the 1960s, a man called SIR MATT BUSBY adopted the name RED DEVILS for the team. That’s no longer an accident or a coincidence. One would ask WHY DID THEY GIVE THE TEAM SUCH A NAME? Busby liked the sound of it, thinking A DEVIL WAS MORE INTIMIDATING TO OPPONENTS THAN ANGELIC BEINGS! Now that’s no longer a coincidence. In 1970s the club adopted the culture of selling materials belonging to the club with Devil’s logo on it.

On the logo of the club is something very shocking. A RED Beast (Dragon, Lion, etc) with Horns and Crowns. In the book of revelation 12:3 the Red Beast (dragon) was introduced by Jesus to John and in the same book Revelation 12:9 it was clearly documented to be the Devil.

This post is not in any way to attack Manchester United as a club, It is for Christians TO START LOOKING BEYOND THE PHYSICAL. How can a club be associated with names like THE HEATHEN, RED DEVIL and on their logo has A RED BEAST WITH CROWNS AND HORNS and you still tell me that is nothing. SELAH

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Charles Arinze well known as Cyude is a music artist (one of Rap Nation member who’s also a solo artist), keyboardist & graphic designer (Cyude Media Montague).

He holds a bachelor of science degree certificate from the Anambra State University, Uli. He’s an ardent followers of Pastor Chris & his teachings.

He happens to also be the keyboardist to award winning international Gospel music artist Sinach.

Since the pandemic lockdown, Cyude has extensively and consistently be unveiling the evil acts that are being perpetrated through this pandemic.

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