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#COVID19 Music: Dee 1 – Corona Clap | [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

Corona Clap by Dee 1

Corona Clap by Dee 1 #covıd19 mp3 download.

Dee-1’s “Corona Clap” is about the resulting in the 2019–20 coronavirus CODVID-19 pandemic.

The song is a remix of the New Orleans anthem “Nolia Clap” by U.T.P.

“Corona Clap” has been tweeted by a few New Orleans government officials, like Mayor LaToya Cantrell & Mitch Landrieu.

Download Dee 1 – Corona Clap






1, 2, 3, 4, bust it

Remix, remix, remix

I got them squirts for the low

I got them squirts for the low

Corona, Corona

Dee-1, look

Chorus 1

Where Italy at? USA at?

Canada, China, we don’t play that

This that corona clap

This that corona clap


I said I’m tryna stay safe woadie, please believe

But that corona make it hard for a player to breath

Don’t wash your hands, you might catch woadie then you are stuck

Right now them tickets to Jamaica only 15 bucks

I’m tryna quarantine myself, I’m staying inside

The NBA cancelled on me, man I’m feeling deprived

I’m out of toilet paper but they ain’t got none in the store

Man that corona wild, you can’t wipe your butt no more

And ain’t no more school for students, it’s just classes online

[?] about to have their graduation on FaceTime

Man they trying to cancel God, I can’t go into church

Got hand sanitizle on deck and I’m selling squirts

My concerts getting cancelled man I’m really so drove

But if you start coughing around me I’m walking clean out the door

I’m telling all my people stay home, it’s real, that’s real

Don’t play with that coronavirus man, cool out and just chill

Chorus 2

Where France at? Where Spain at?

Africa, Philippines, we don’t play that

This that corona clap

This that corona clap

Where Japan at? Where Brazil at?

Mexico, let ‘em know, we don’t feel that

This that corona clap

This that corona clap


Man y’all be safe, man

Y’all stay inside, dog

Don’t let that corona get you, dog

You heard me, it’s your boy Dee-1

Mission vision all day

Mayor LaToya Cantrell Sample

This is, in fact, a crisis, make no mistake about that. This is real. And we’re asking everyone to pay full attention


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