Beyond The Songs Lies The Statements (A review of The Bank Statements EP by Banky W)

Beyond The Songs Lies The Statements (A review of The Bank Statements EP by Banky W)

Beyond The Songs Lies The Statements (A review of The Bank Statements EP by Banky W)

Nigerian singer, rapper, actor, entrepreneur and politician Olubankole “Mr. Capable” Wellington, also known as, Banky W just released a body of work titled THE BANK STATEMENT. His last body of work was SONGS ABOUT YOU which was released in 2017. Prior to the release, Mr. Capable stepped into the year 2021 with the song FINAL SAY as he announced the birth of his newborn with his wife Adesua Etomi Wellington.

Fast-forwarded to November 2021, the music artist and minister serving at the Waterbrook Church released yet another beautiful song JO with an accompanying video which featured himself and his wife. To wrap up 2021, the father-of-one dropped a seven-track project.

The project which was released on the 25th of November 2021 had two already released songs which are JO, TALK AND DO (featuring 2Baba, Timi Dakolo, Seun Kuti, Waje & Brookstone), which was originally released in 2020. Aside those featured on Talk and Do, the project also has The Lagos Community Gospel Choir and the vocal powerhouse Mercy Chinwo, the excess love crooner signed to Eezee Conceptz Global.

The project from its title can be seen as an avenue through which Banky channels his statement about pressing issues, and a little about his life. These are aspect he wishes to communicate to his teeming fans, online family and music lovers. On this project he revealed the reason he ran for political office to represent the Eti Osa constituency at the House of Representative level in 2019.

Aside the melodies, rhythm and the exciting feels, what are the little things Banky made statements about in this project and how relevant are they to you and I, music lovers and the multitude who will be listening to this beautiful body of work?


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The project kicked off with an intro tagged “Welcome to the Bank Statements”. Ordinarily, it’s an intro but Mr. Capable made it known that on the contrary, it is his keynote speech and not really an intro per se. It kicked off with a melodic rendition of the words “I’m just trying to do it one more time” while this may just be a simple word sang melodiously, it’s a statement of never giving up/never backing down.

This was followed with Banky talking about the journey of success, quest of young ones to blow – “be successful” and have fame. He made a clear distinction between real success and what people has perceived or seen success to be. On this keynote speech, he made statements about becoming successful and making it in life. One of such profound statement is; “before you buy a Bentley make sure you buy a building”.

Still on the keynote speech, the singer didn’t cover up his identity with Christ and his stand with God’s word as he noted himself as Mr. W with the two-edged sword. This is a reference to the word of God in Hebrew 4:12.

The statements in this keynote speech are virtually everything a young person need to hear/listen to in the journey of life.

From the welcome note, Mr. Capable came in with the track “Jo” which was released few weeks before the project was released. A lot of people might have listened to the song, enjoyed the melody and appreciated the stunning visuals that captured exquisite dance moves from the couple but the question left for us to answer is; what statement did he make with the track?


Well, the answer is not far fetched. The singer in an interview with Simi Drey on Beat FM made it known that people see marriage as something to endure rather than enjoy. So, he tried to show people that it is not and shouldn’t be like that. Making reference to himself, he said he’s having the best time of his life as a married man. He made this song to celebrate love and for partners to celebrate each other.

This is a huge statement to take note of whether you’re married or not. Marriage as an institution shouldn’t be endured but enjoyed. Therefore, celebrate your partner today if you’re married, courting or dating and if you’re yet to be married, have this statement in heart as you prepare to walk into marriage.

Just like the preceding track “Jo”, the next track “Song For You” still hangs on the statement of celebrating love much more louder. Though we believe this song was written and sung by Mr. Bank with his wife Mrs. Adesua “Bank” Wellington in mind, this should be an example of how husbands should celebrate their wives in love. By the way, wives don’t forget to celebrate your husbands as well, because both parties must be willing to give honour as much as they can in marriage.

The statement of undying & unconditional love, just as in Ephesians 5:25, resounds so well on this track. The song climbs to its apex from the time frame of 2:25 till the end as every line of the song made a strong statement of committed love.

The Bank Statements continued with the track titled “Press Restart” which began with the scriptural definition of love as seen in 1 Corinthians 13:4-6. On this track, Mr. Bank made the statement of having a fresh start instead of going back into the past in order to dig and trash out issues. This can only be accomplished when the parties involved have the 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love.


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Though Mr. Bank theme for this track centers on relationships, it is a method that can be employed in our everyday lives. The old but popular adage goes thus; “United we stand, divided we fall”. To stay united, we need genuine love, the kind talked about in 1 Corinthians 13.

Instead of pressing rewind to visit the past, start arguing who was right or wrong, tearing each other apart, find a way to PRESS RESTART.

The next statement made by Mr. Bank was contained in a track titled “Selense” featuring the incredible & amazing Mercy Chinwo, the Obinasom crooner. Earlier this year, news broke out that Banky W has been ordained by Pastor Tony Rapu and was serving at the Waterbrook Church as a pastor (a title he has constantly rejected as he made it known in an interview with wakeup Nigeria on TVC that he’s not a pastor but a work in progress child of God).

It is in my personal opinion that his statement would have been incomplete without making a statement about his salvation and boy oh boy! Did he do that so well on this project!

On this track, he made the statement of how he was lost but God found him, giving him reasons he could make it through the night times of his life. God reawoke his faith, killed his fears, doubts and unbelief. This statement is one everyone should listen to because of the testimony as it will build your own faith. Not to forget, this track is capable of getting you on your feet dancing to God’s goodness, not forgetting the beautiful and captivating voice of the incredible Mercy Chinwo.

Next on the statement from Mr. Bank is the song “My Destiny” which featured Brookstone (the music ministry of Waterbrook Church where he serves) and the Lagos Community Gospel Choir. His statement here was that of a broken heart and a contrite spirit surrendering himself totally to God for His use.


When the news broke out earlier this year about him serving as a pastor in Waterbrook Church, a lot of people had different opinion about his decision. A lot of the remarks then were that he was just doing it for clout. He was no longer relevant in the secular music space but this statement speaks volume on this subject issue.

Not just a statement of total surrender, he stated his readiness and willingness to follow the Lord if God will help him, declaring his love towards God, laying all at his feet and giving all to the control of Jesus.

The final statement from Mr Bank on this project is the 2020 released song “Talk and Do” featuring 2Baba, Timi Dakolo, Seun Kuti, Waje & Brookstone.

A lot of times when we see & hear what’s happening in the world, it seems as if humans have lost their conscience, developed a cold heart and lost empathy toward their fellow human. Every now and then, we hear of different agendas to solve different problems, we talk about how things should be done for things to get better and lot more but we have been so good at the talking aspect more while doing less or doing nothing at all.


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Alongside these featured artists, Mr. Bank made it known that this is not just a song but a statement about the state of a very lost generation. He went ahead to list a few ills in the society, spoke about how those with bigger platforms chose to drag themselves on Twitter to trend rather than using those platforms to make a difference.

On the final note of this statement, 2Baba made it known that the answer we seek for is inside you and I. Too much talks won’t make a single difference. This is time for action, as we talk let’s endeavor to rise up to the task as well. Only then will we be able to see, find, feel, hear and experience the difference we seek.

In conclusion, make no mistake to see these statements as little because they were tagged little in this review and don’t make light any of them as constantly feeding on these statements will make a huge impact on your life capable of turning you around for good better or the best depending on the level you were operating on before listening to this project.

The Bank Statements is now available on all digital stores, choose your preferred store with the link below to listen to these statements. You can also stream the project below. Don’t forget to drop a comment about this review.

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