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Benjiszzy Záakìi Shares Story About His First & Only Attempt In Doing Fraud

Benjiszzy Záakìi Pens Heartfelt Tribute To His Mother.

Benjiszzy Záakìi Shares Story About His First & Only Attempt In Doing Fraud

At the just concluded Glory Reign held by Salvation Ministries led by Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the clergyman in one of the sessions kicked hard against internet fraud well known as yahoo yahoo amongst Nigerians.

The issue became a subject of discussions in the online community. While a lot of people applauded the clergyman for speaking against the menace of cyber crime, others tackled and berated him on different social media platforms.

Dynamic and amazing songwriter and singer Benjiszzy Záakìi also known as Son of the Lion & seed of Jacob who’s known for his incredible songs like ANOTHER SATURDAY, IYA MI, ONE TAP, OLUWA LO GA MI & a lot more while reacting to what the pastor said shared the story of how he found himself in the web of internet fraud and how he’d have been sunk into it if not for God’s mercies and unending grace.

His story as shared on his Facebook profile can be seen below.

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…I was at the verge of ‘picking’ a life changing sum that my cut based on a 60/40 sharing formular would almost run into $30,000 in 2017, my first (and of course ONLY) attempt in doing fraud, barely 8weeks of venturing. (Whatever I do prospers, lol!)

I had a life changing encounter at the tail end of the deal. I’ve always been unsettled in my spirit, battling with my conscience, ‘cos I know fully well that the action was an obvious wrongdoing, and I know better because I’m a child of God! But I was under a lot of pressure at that time in my life, so I suppressed my conscience by I telling myself; ‘it’s just going to be a one time thing, and you will get this money this one time, and stop! God will always forgive you. Blah blah blah!’

So that faithful night, after a conversation with the ‘client’, I was bored so I went to see some videos on YouTube. Then accidentally, a documentary on the devastating state of fraud victims ranging from imprisonment, lunacy, severe psychological damage, and even death popped up! I watched till the end, and many others too that followed after!

The words of Falzthebahdguy rang in my head anew ‘So, you happy when you log into your online haven, And when you’re getting richer of another man’s saving, Stop explaining, don’t be lazy, No excuse you fit give them, No be only una wey be victim of the system.’

I prayed and cried all night! I asked myself several questions ‘Will I be the source of another mans grieve, loss, and possible death? I need the money for a loved ones severe health challenge and as “startup”, but this person I’m trying to defraud doesn’t he have loved ones too, am I not trying to steal what he probably must’ve painstakingly acquired’? 

So The Spirit Himself testified to my spirit saying; ‘You cannot steal, You’re made for more, This current condition does not define you, what lies ahead is more glorious than this, and most importantly you’re a child of God’

I wiped my eyes, picked up that phone, it was almost 4am that morning, then I messaged ‘The Boss’ and told him I wanted out. I could tell his heart was filled with disbelieve. He tried to encourage me, knowing fully well what I needed the money for. But I broke down in tears trying to explain why I can’t continue in this. ‘Stop wimping like a kid’ he said, if you can’t continue it’s fine, no wahala. So I thanked him for everything, then returned all the gadgets (my very first iPhone inclusive) and had my peace of mind restored. 

Look at me now!

What I’ve been through, you might not stomach, or start digesting! I’ve been through it all, and maybe even done it all. So when I tell you about life through my songs, posts and even in public speaking, I no dey whine you.

I truly understand how you feel, trust me.

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After sharing his story, the incredible singer through follow up posts in the comment section shared some excerpts from the song ‘The Warrior’ by the incredibly talented Nigerian rapper and undoubtedly the best rapper in Africa MI Abaga.

‘I came from nothin’, hustlin’, forcing my way into the discussion, Hard-headed nigg@, I run through walls and give them concussions, Giving up has never been me, been a part of my essence, I told myself that when I was done mappin’ it out, I’ll be the legend’

I don’t know your story, your journey or how you made it here, I know on the way to the top, hurdles they do appear. There’s no way to cheat on the process Brother, handle your affairs, for me to be here where I am standing, I had to battle fear.

So as you climb those stairs and watch them staring, When those you thought were peers start disappearing, When you feel that inner fear start interfering, As long as your purpose is clear, just start declaring, “I’m a warrior, never worry ’bout veering off my path, I’m ahead of the pack, I’m gonna clear it, I’m that steady hand holding the steering”

I’m here with anybody who’s scaring a dream, You gotta get up and get it. This music is from my soul, the message is so prophetic. Incredibly amazing you are, should be embedded in your heart. If likely you were headed to the top, never stop, when you drop, get up and finish ’cause you are INCREDIBLE!

Want to know what gave me courage and motivation? To be or not to be what I meant to be was the question.

And through it all, I learnt a valuable lesson, I can do it all whether it’s stress or pending regression, I been through it all

I ain’t afraid to be underrated, I savor it, love a challenge, I made it through handwork, talent, and God’s infinite grace and mercies!

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To end the post, the singer pen down note of thanks to Pastor David Ibiyeomie for the courage to speak against the menace that has become the norm of the day.

Lastly, I just wanna send a heartfelt ‘God bless you’ kinda shout-out to Pst. David Ibiyeomie of the Salvation Ministries for saying the truth as it is regardless!!

I’ve been longing to talk about this growing epidemic publicly, and also to share my story (I even wrote a song about this), but never had the guts and courage to put it out there. I’ve battled with the fear of how people will perceive me afterwards, possible condemnation, and all of that.

But thank for going first sir, for paving the way, and most of all thank you for yielding to the call sir.

God bless you, and flourish your ministry sir. Y’all please mention and say a prayer for the MOG.

Get Benjiszzy Záakìi amazing songs on BOOMPLAY, SPOTIFY and watch amazing videos to his songs on his YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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