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Article: Tips to maintaining positive impressions during communication | Part 3

Tips to maintaining positive impressions during communication

In our tips on how to maintain positive impressions during communication, here is the second tip.



Let’s go ahead to the third tip.


In every conversation, there is usually that time we disagree with some opinion and views, our response at those times should be very cautious because we may even be wrong and we may also be threading roughly on a potential relationship. This is not to say that there aren’t healthy ways to argue but I don’t think there is any wisdom in engaging someone you are yet to know well in an argument. Hope you know that an argument is a verbal fight? Why create such an impression probably on first and second sight?

Instead of kicking off arguments, you can ask questions that come with “why?” and “how?” This helps you understand his or her perspective. Consider using words like “why do you think there is nothing wrong with abortion?” Remember your tone matters a lot! You must ask as someone who wants to know and you must listen as someone open to learning. In the end, you may never have to agree and you can always say “Well, it is like we can’t agree on this because I think otherwise but I truly appreciate your views and I will make more studies on this so that I can understand better.” This alone can win you a heart, they will want to meet you again and they may privately think about your views over and over again.

Imagine meeting someone just recently and ended up having arguments about your career, skin colour, your sexual orientation, your religious views and so on. You wouldn’t want to meet them again! When it is a public discussion, you shouldn’t be afraid of pointing out things you believe are lies and you shouldn’t be scared of expressing yourself without being judgmental; this is because the discussion involves you, someone else and an audience who you might have an influence on. However, as long as it is a private discussion, you should consider creating a comfortable environment that would make him or her want to meet you again. This way, you have more opportunities to influence him or her.

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