Article: Tips to maintaining positive impressions during communication | Part 1

Maintaining positive impressions during communication

Maintaining positive impressions during communication

Whether you are discussing with a friend, a neighbour, a colleague, gone on a date or just kicking off a conversation with someone you just met in the mall, aircraft or elsewhere, you would want to create an impression that leaves a positive memory even if you don’t get to meet again. Unfortunately, we often look towards the popular points like being cognizant of your body language, developing a sense of humour and all of that, they are very great and they matter but there are certain things we tend to overlook and I’d be sharing them with you.

These tips aren’t to help you start up a conversation but to help you have a healthy conversation and leave a better impression after a conversation with someone. These tips can help you in most cases but it is written to address some unaddressed mistakes we make when getting to know people. Let’s get rolling!


During a conversation, people might say something you seem to dislike and how you react at this point determines the kind of impression you leave with the person. For instance, if you are a Christian and you happened to be in conversation with an atheist, you shouldn’t start judging them or criticizing them using the yardsticks of your faith. As much as you believe you are following the most excellent way, you shouldn’t shove it down the throat of someone else. Now instead of saying “Only fools say there is no God.” Why not ask “why do you believe there is no God?” Instead of saying “you don’t know anything about Christianity” why not ask “can you tell me what you know about Christianity?”

When you criticize people unhealthily, you are judging them and you’re indicating that their reasoning is faulty which isn’t supposed. Criticism sometimes is mostly unfair, proud people are usually interested in defending their ego and not truly trying to make another see from a different perspective. You may not subscribe to someone’s line of thoughts but you can ask polite questions that only indicates you want to know why they think that way. It also makes you open for more discussion, it makes the conversation interesting and of course, it creates more room for both of you to see from different perspectives.

When it is about getting people to change their views or lifestyles, criticism is not a way to do it, it has always proven to fail. Many times, asking interesting questions introduces another person into thinking from another perspective. It doesn’t matter if you are conversing with someone who always sounds critical, you don’t have to let people’s weaknesses affect your strength. Just as a kind act towards a snake doesn’t stop it from being venomous, other people’s display of weakness shouldn’t change you!

Not all questions are great! You should always consider asking less critical questions. So, if you are always a critical person or you don’t know if you’re critical, you may want to consider these things below:

  •  Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on how to find the solution. For example, you are discussing with someone and he says “I took a loan that I couldn’t pay” instead of asking “why on earth did you have to take such a loan?” you could consider saying “there will always be a way out. What steps have you taken to manage your debts?”
  •  Instead of throwing the worst of people to their faces, why not ignore their personality and focus on how they could do better the next time? For instance, you shouldn’t make statements like “but you weren’t wise enough to have gone for that loan.” Consider saying things like “we all learn from situations like this.”
  •  Instead of engaging someone in a way that devalues them, you should always add value. Always think before you talk and ensure your words are exhilarating enough as this helps build some kind of trust and excitement to meet you again! Instead of saying “that was a foolish decision” Why not consider words like “it must have been a tough decision for you but you’ll surely overcome this.”

You have to ensure that you engage people most positively no matter how foolish their opinions, decisions and actions look to you. If you can’t offer advice or solution without criticizing people, then your counsels aren’t relevant to them.

To be continued, next tip coming soon

Originally posted on George’s Diary.

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