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Are Your Village People The Ones Oppressing You? Fr Kelvin Ugwu

Are Your Village People The Ones Oppressing You Fr Kelvin Ugwu

Are Your Village People The Ones Oppressing You? Fr Kelvin Ugwu

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, MSP, is a Catholic Priest on Mission in Malawi and one of the Church’s most influential and significant missionaries to the Digital Continent.

As a contemporary figure in pastoral ministry, Fr Kelvin has remained very sensitive to the spiritual needs of not only those occupying the pews in the Church but also, those occupying the cyberspace, in them, he sees the ‘Macedonian Church’ in need of help.

Below is the post where he explains on why negative circumstances does not really portray handiwork of village people (witches and wizards) as majorly believed by Africans.

Few weeks ago, I killed a snake in my room, a black mamba. I heard the snake is extremely venomous. My reflex just sensed something shaking around my wardrobe, I looked and found out it was a snake looking for where to hide. I killed it and threw it away.

The following day, the electricity in my room started sparking. My phone charger got burnt. I also noticed that the bulb in my room got damaged. I was without electricity. I managed to fix it though.

The following week, my truck, the vehicle I use for mission work could not start. At first, it will start and stop on its own, then it graduated to not starting at all. I called some mechanics to look at it. They did. They told me the fuel pump is the cause and needs replacement. The price is outrageous. I just kukuma park the vehicle and started using other means.

And today, I am just fully recovering from the sickness that hit me two weeks ago. Sorry, most of you were not aware. Chadwick Boseman is our patron saint when it comes to bearing sickness alone with smiles. Lol!

So, today, as I reflect over these incidents, it is easier for me to conclude that my “village people” are after me. First they sent a venomous snake, it did not work. Then electricity to electrocute me, still it did not work. Then my vehicle got damaged, I still carried on. Finally they decided to come directly to kill me through sickness.

Sounds so perfect!

If I tell my mum, I already know the reaction. “Holy ghost fire” will be unleashed. She will tell me how it is not ordinary. She will even tell me how she has been seeing a particular old woman in her dreams and how she now understands why the old woman kept appearing in her dreams. That she was probably the snake sent to kill me.

Because I know people easily misunderstand me and read me out of context, let me say this clearly, the paragraph above is not me undermining the powers of prayers. If for anything, my entire life is all about prayers. I suppose you should know this.

It is not uncommon to find snakes in my parish here in malawi. The parish house is in a forest. Monkeys use to sneak into the compound to pluck our pawpaws. Tortoise are seen walking freely. I have killed scorpion on my bed before. The snake is not from my “village people.” My village people cannot afford a snake to send. So also is the other issue of my car and electricity. Even my ill health was as a result of stress. So, I have to take responsibility for everything and ensure I put in measures to facilitate my good health and safety.

I am saying this because unconsciously we all have perfected the art of making inferences, connecting together stories, happenings etc that obviously have no connection and thinking everything that happens to us is sent by some enemies somewhere. No one takes responsibility for anything anymore.

A man hits his left foot on a stone on his way for a job interview, unfortunately, he fails the interview, then he puts the blame on the stone but forgets that he was not possessing the necessary requirements for the job.

Someone fails his or her exams, the blame goes to their grandmother who is in the village.

We are now in one of the months they call “ember months.” Every accident that happens during these months is often seen as coming from demons planning to suck their end of the year blood.

Christians pray against what they call the spirit of accident on our high way and sprinkle the road with the blood of Jesus, whereas none of the passengers will complain when the driver is over speeding or answering calls while driving or if the vehicle is in a bad shape or overloaded. Again, none cared that the government they voted for could not fix the roads.

Because an old woman greeted you, you conclude that she is the reason you are not married.

You don’t have a child, you conclude that it is the making of your village people.

You are bitten by mosquito and got malaria, it is your village people that will take the credit.

Apart from the fact that demons exist which we all know, the greatest demon that we will need to deal with is the demon in our minds that makes us see him even where he is not.

In truth, most times, we are our own demons.

Are Your Village People The Ones Oppressing You? Fr Kelvin Ugwu


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