Alpha Baze reveals the inspiration behind latest song JEHOVAH OVERDO

Alpha Baze reveals the inspiration behind latest song JEHOVAH OVERDO

Alpha Baze reveals the inspiration behind latest song JEHOVAH OVERDO.

Music art and entrepreneur Zachariah Alpha who just released his recent song JEHOVAH OVERDO a song of gratitude to God has revealed the story behind the song. Listening to the song you’ll feel the gratefulness in the every tune, chord and melody. Yes we’re sure to be grateful to God for everything and everywhere we are but the song made us to ask him, what really was the story behind this song as the gratefulness is on a very notable scale, well from our discourse with him we found out this intriguing and exciting story about the inspiration of the song Jehovah Overdo. Read the story as shared with us by Alpha Baze.


The story can be traced back to the year 2018, then I use to work as a manager to a business owned by my family but all of a sudden my step dad gave me a sack letter which was unusual as I have been managing the business properly and I had no issues with him nor any customer. Later, I found out that he heard I’ll be releasing an album which happened to be my first album GARMENT OF PRAISE GOP that not really being the problem because he knew but he also heard that all about the album from production, publicity, launching etc is going to cost millions of naira so he has to sack me months to the album lunch so that I won’t probably squander the business money on my album.

After sacking me, he later assumed the managerial position of the business and within six months the business crashed and packed off. Fast forward in less than a year I regained and renamed the business which I was sacked from and got the ownership of the same business.


Before I was being sacked by my step dad in 2018, I have saved for six months from my salary to pay for my studio session, publicity, stage light and a couple of other materials that will be needed for my first album (GARMENT OF PRAISE) GOP1. Coupled with the fact that I was shown favor by God through men, many people who has been blessed or who were blessed by my music ministry donated carbonated drinks, tables, and other items to make that day a huge success. The church which was used for the album launch was filled to capacity despite shifting it from the earlier date being October 28th 2018 to November 18th 2018 due to a crisis that happened in Kaduna state that same period scheduled for the album launch.

That outburst of joy in how God vindicated me, made me a star in storms of false accusations and helped me in those trying periods birthed the song JEHOVAH OVERDO. Claiming the words of the scripture for my life, God is my portion and my inheritance whatever it is he will sure find a way to save his people like he did to his servants Lot, Noah, Shedrach, Meshack, Abednego, Daniel etc. He is not just able to do it but He will do much more than we ask can ask, more than what we imagine or more than what we can imagine. As scripture puts it in Ephesians 3: 20 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,”


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