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ALBUM REVIEW: Is There Satisfaction From The Satisfied Album By Mercy Chinwo?

Is There Satisfaction From The Satisfied Album By Mercy Chinwo?

Is There Satisfaction From The Satisfied Album By Mercy Chinwo?

Eezee Conceptz super girl and beret queen Mercy Chinwo who is also known as MM1 dropped her 15-track sophomore album which is titled SATISFIED July 2020.

The sophomore album came 2 years, 4 months and 14 days after her debut album titled THE CROSS: MY GAZE which was released on the 20th of February 2018.

The new 15-track album contains already released songs such as “No More Pain“, “Oh Jesus“, “Akamdinelu” and “Obinasom“.

A bonus track “Na You Dey Reign” which was gifted to fans (as a freebee for pre-ordering) the album, is also part of the “Satisfied” album.

Unlike her debut album which has multiple features from the likes of Chris Morgan, Olaitan Odoko, Fiokee, Shady B and Omotalk, Satisfied had only two features, Chioma Jesus on track 6 “Onememma” and J J Harriston on track 13 “Excess Love Remix”.

It is also worthy to note that the SATISFIED album has Mercy Chinwo first ever Yoruba song “KOSI” which is track 8. There are other songs done in Nigerian Pidgin English, Igbo and Efik languages.

Is There Satisfaction From Mercy Chinwo Satisfied Album
Mercy Chinwo without her Beret Signature

Critically examining the album, can satisfaction really be gotten from the SATISFIED album?

On a scale of 0 – 100% we could as well give her the 100% mark but we will have to let it be on a 95%.

I vividly remember my Government teacher in secondary school, no matter how well you wrote in her exam you can never be given the 100%, that’s just by the way, for fun and to entertain you while reading.

First of all, I will love to state it that Mercy Chinwo captured the 360 degree of her fan base; from the little babies, the youths (adults) and even to the aged. She did not leave any of the categories. Prompting me to give her a 25% on this first section was the attention she gave to the babies.

I know we are all babies in the sight of God but humanly speaking, when you scroll through social media and you see babies singing the likes of Akamdinelu, Excess Love and Obinasom it sounds awful to the musically inclined ear that don’t have patience to listen to the babies wobbles.

Having noted this, Mercy Chinwo dedicated almost a whole track to the babies which is the first track “Baby Song”.

The Youths may not find the Baby Song quite interesting for their listening pleasure and a handful of youths will be impatient in listening to the soul genre and relaxed mood songs such as Oh Jesus, Kosi, Strong Tower and the likes.

In the same album with the soul genre and relaxed mood, MM1 gave recognition to the youths by also making the Afropop, trendy styles and the dance/party mood songs such as “Na You Dey Reign” which she also added a pinch of rap, “Sure Thing” “Udeme” and “Obinasom” which the youths can easily vibe to.

Is There Satisfaction From Mercy Chinwo Satisfied Album

The aged fans were not left out on the album. The Nigerian child will agree with me that our aged parents who are not really exposed to the changes happening in the music scene and social life will not readily connect to the trendy and party tempo songs.

They will easily connect to the Soul music inclined and calm music instead.

With that, Mercy was able to include the aged in the album and not make them feel neglected by making songs such as “Oh Jesus”, “Tasted of Your Power”, “Kosi” & “Onye”.

So talking about fan base connection, you’ll agree with me after the explicit explanation above that Mercy Chinwo was able to capture the 360 degree of her fan base.

Is There Satisfaction From Mercy Chinwo Satisfied Album
The baby version of Mercy Chinwo “MM1”

On another aspect of examining the album, you’ll agree with me that just like food, music was basically made for consumption but the consumption is subject to the mood of the consumer and hence emotional delivery has a role to play.

Can we then say fans can get satisfaction from an album irrespective of the mood they are in? Let’s look into it.

According to verrywellmind.com, the first two basic moods of a human are happiness and sadness. Can we then find songs that fit into both moods in the album?

For the sad mood It’s a NO & a YES.

NO in the sense that there’s no song that will get you sad on the album but YES in the essence that there are tons of songs that should get you out of the sad mood which is one of the primary reasons of the album to birth the joy of Christ in the heart of listeners.

For the excited mood it’s a YES & YES because you’ll find tracks that will suit your excited mood and if you’re already excited get ready to go on the super excitement mode. So I’ll have to give her another 25% on this category as well.

Still on the consumption of music, there are different places that welcome different styles of music.

You will agree with me that there are some denominations in Nigeria today that despite their love for Mercy Chinwo will never allow some styles of her songs such as “Na You Dey Reign” in their gathering.

Again you don’t expect fans of Mercy Chinwo just because they love her and want to keep their wedding reception on a Christian standard to use “Kosi”, “Onye”, “No More Pain” or “Tasted Of Your Power” on their wedding playlist. I won’t even try to do that because it’s called a wedding and not a revival program.

Every gathering has a song that would suit it and this is me telling you without mincing words that Mercy Chinwo was able to make the album in such a way that different gatherings will be able to get a track to use.

One thing I actually love about Mercy Chinwo is the fact that she has never allowed herself to be boxed in a particular style of music but she has constantly delve into different genres of music and you’ll agree with me that she’s doing well in every genre she has ventured into.

With the same energy of creativity on this album she was able to make songs that can be used for varieties of gathering from the church setting to weddings, birthdays etc. This has made her earn another 25% bringing her total marks to 75%.

Trust me, if I were a DJ, I already have a couple of songs from this album to slam on my next event to DJ a wedding reception that would keep the couple and all in the reception all cheered up and wanting more.

It’s a pity I’m not a DJ but trust the ambassador of Unik Empire Media House DJTbx to get them as at when needed.

The last 25% are mine to give if I had gotten satisfaction from the album. I really got satisfaction from the album and I already have 4 favorite tracks while still loving the other 11 tracks.

What satisfaction would be more than that? Therefore I’ll give 5% to each of my favorite track earning her 20% bringing all the calculations to 95%.

Is There Satisfaction From Mercy Chinwo Satisfied Album

I listen to the album in the following order, when I open my Apple Music, Audiomack or Boomplay app; Udeme, Sure Thing, Na You Dey Reign, Baby Song then every other track.

In general without fear or favor I can tell you that every fan of good music whether that of Mercy Chinwo or not will definitely get satisfaction from this album and if you’re yet to listen to this album, this is me telling you with all sincerity that you’ll definitely be satisfied.

For easier access to the album, CLICK HERE to select your favorite music streaming app or stream on the audiomack channel embedded below.

Feel free to drop a comment below on what you think about the album telling us your favorite track(s).

Written by Henry Samson & edited by Alex Dotun Amos for Unik Empire Media House.

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